Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Full Mile

I reached another running milestone today.....RAN my first full mile. Before I was just running/walking my miles, but today I was finally able to run the full 9 laps without stopping.
I hit the rec center today for Aerobics class, but it was cancelled (yay) so I decided I'd work out on my own. My original goal was just 6 laps, but on my fifth lap I decided I just needed to keep going. Unfortunately on the last half of my 9th lap my iPod died :( I no longer had much motivation.....but was still pretty pumped that I made the full mile....so I just continued the second mile as run one/walk one laps. Next time I'll have to run 10 laps and just keep increasing them gradually.

Tomorrow is the opening day of the Bay Shore Marathon registration in Traverse City this summer....I'm hoping to be able to run the half marathon.....yikes 13.1 miles. But really it's just like a 5K plus 10 miles right? hehehe I'm not quite sure I'll be able to be ready in time, but I guess if I'm doing the Chicago Marathon next fall it'll be a good test. My friend Sandy (miss her!) told me to sign up early because the spots will go fast....guess I need to make a decision fast.

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