Monday, November 8, 2010

String Cheese is a College Students Best Friend

I love string cheese! I have two big packs in my mini fridge and I eat at least one a day. String cheese is just one of those foods that fill you up just enough, you can cart it around, and it's a great source of calcium ;)

The nutritionist for Motts always emphasized the importance of a calcium rich diet.....especially for teens and young adults (which is why it's good for college students). My biggest problem right now is not getting enough balance in my diet with the food in the cafe. Most of the time I try to drink at least one glass of milk a day and one bowl of fruit, but veggies aren't always included (bad I know!) The second problem with college life, late night snacking. Whether you're pulling an all nighter or your cafe closes at 8 on the weekdays and 6 on the weekends like mine, often times I'll find myself hungry for a fourth meal. As much as I try to stay conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth, sometimes I'll find myself using food to try and keep myself awake. By replacing my bag of M&M's with string cheese I'm giving myself more nutrients, while filling myself up faster. Plus string cheese is just really really yummy!!!!

Go Meijer's my personal favorite (why pay more for Sargento when it's not even as good)
                I also want to point out that I accidentally bought the low fat kind last time and it's still really good :)

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