Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm not getting anywhere here...

I've spent all night thinking of ways to make some extra cash (seeing as I currently don't have a job and I need money for a whole list of things). Currently I haven't got any good prospects.
Here's the list I've come up with so far...

  • buy myself bongos and play them on the streets (but I don't have money to buy bongos so that's out)
  • become a cleaning lady for people (am I really that great at cleaning?)
  • organize people's closets (what if there were spiders...)
  • become someone's personal shopper
  • start selling off my belongings (anything besides books)
  • write a short story (now I just need a good idea)
  • blog more often (maybe people would actually start reading it and stuff)
  • start selling my cookies/start a little bakery (I am a pretty good chocolate chip cookie maker, but who the heck would I sell them too?)
  • make and sell items on etsy (I'm not that crafty)
  • sell my art..... hahahahhaha
  • start making YouTube videos (I can only imagine the nothing I would talk about)
  • do people's hair and makeup (I mean I used to do it all the time to my cousin as a child...that's gotta count for something)
  • lemonade stand?
  • can someone just pay me to travel and review things and write about my ideas? anyone?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vans Warped Tour 2012 Playlist

So, I've heard a lot of people say "oh the lineup for Warped this year sucks." Well if you think it's not up to par, maybe I have a bad taste in music because I like about every band on the list. So much so, that I decided to make a playlist based off of it.

  • Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings
  • No One Does It Better by You Me At Six
  • Oh Well, Oh Well by Mayday Parade
  • Kiss Me by New Found Glory
  • Kiss Me Again by We Are In the Crowd
  • Dancing for Rain by Rise Against
  • Burn, Burn by Lostprophets
  • All That I've Got by The Used
  • Loverboy by You Me At Six
  • Head on Collision by New Found Glory
  • Walk On Water or Drown by Mayday Parade
  • MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday
  • Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low
  • The School of Assassins by Anti-Flag
  • You're So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday
  • Give it All by Rise Against
  • When I Get Home You're So Dead by Mayday Parade
  • My Friends Over You by New Found Glory
  • Noise and Kisses by The Used
  • Say You Like Me by We the Kings
  • Raised by Wolves by Falling in Reverse
  • 9mm and a Three Piece Suit by Streetlight Manifesto
  • Something I Call Personality by New Found Glory
  • One Year Six Months by Yellowcard
  • Great Romances of the 20th Century by Taking Back Sunday
  • Jaws on the Floor by You Me At Six
  • Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade
  • Damned if I Do You by All Time Low

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glee and Whitney

Last night I finally found the time to watch Tuesday's episode of Glee and I was actually really happy about it. With songs from such a powerful voice as Whitney Houston's I was kind of concerned they couldn't pull it off.

I mean right from the start when they sang How Will I Know, my eyes got watery... and don't even get me started on Kurt's performance of I Have Nothing. The line up of songs they chose was really great. My least favorite song was actually I Want To Dance With Somebody, I was just not feeling their version of the song, although it's definitely one of my favorite Whitney songs.

The only problem I have with Glee still after three seasons is their lack of a good story line at time. They try to tie a bunch of songs together and that often makes the story lines unbelievable or practically non existant.

Oh Darren....your face body voice.

Also this song will always remind me of dance class, because I had one teacher who always used it as one of our warm up songs.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I feel like I'm missing a few since I last checked but....

Number 11: The Decendants, watched April 20, 4 out of 5 stars. I liked it but it was a bit depressing

Number 12: Like Crazy, watched April 21, 4 out of 5. I liked the story, it was a bit slow though.