Monday, November 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away's raining and personally I'd much rather have walked to class today in the snow. Of course if I had been smarter and made a few better decisions today probably could have had a more positive outcome, but alas I did not.

Mistake number one: My rain boots are a little tight around my calves and I don't like wearing them for long periods of time, so I decided it'd be fine if I just wear regular shoes.
Mistake number two: Umbrella? It didn't look like it was raining that hard outside my window and I'm not one to freak out if my hair gets wet. A little rain won't hurt anyone.

I have a perfectly good umbrella too!

A lot of rain on the other hand is kind of a problem. Especially when you don't have rain boots or an umbrella and have to walk across campus with a water resistant coat. I found out today what the difference between water resistant and water proof are.....water proof keeps you dry, water resistant does not. I ended up getting to class quite literally dripping wet. The rain had soaked my jeans, my coat, my shirt, my tank top, my socks, my shoes, and even my backpack. I opened up my backpack when I got to class and found water at the bottom of it and everything was binder, my drawing of Bob Dylan in my binder(super pissed about this), my magazine, my planner, my paper for class, my notebooks, and my textbooks(which I probably won't try to sell now).  If I had been smart and brought an umbrella this all could have been avoided :( Sometimes I question my decision making skills.

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