Friday, November 12, 2010

Workout Friday

Not having class on Friday is always nice.....I get to sleep in, relax, have time to start homework, and most of all it's great for working out. When I began college it was my goal to never have Friday classes (unfortunately the methods class that's required for my Psychology Major won't let me achieve that goal).

Work Out: I got all ready to go to the Rec Center today and was planning to do another track run/walk like Wednesday. The track was almost empty and I was pumped to get going (with my iPod in hand this time). After stretching I walked a quick lap as a warm up. On lap 2 I started to run.....ran lap 3.....ran lap 4. My legs were starting to cramp up and I was getting a little worried. I even forgot to bring water which could have probably helped me out. As I began to walk lap 5 the pain in my legs became unbearable and I needed to stretch....pronto! I made my way to one of the mats and tried a reach hurt so bad I almost started to cry and knew that my body was telling me not to run anymore today. As I worked out the cramped muscles I decided biking would be a better workout. I hit the bike for 4.2 miles and my legs gave me a big thanks. Maybe next time my body will take running better.

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