Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Guarantee You Dawg

Breakfast this morning - When I walked into the cafe this morning I was overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness. Pretty much every good food that a person could want was laying there before me. There was granola in the bin, vanilla yogurt (two days in a row! I think that's some kind of record), STRAWBERRIES, and fresh bananas (I grabbed one for later in the day). Since granola is so filling it's perfect for days when I have class at noon and don't have time to squeeze in lunch until after my classes get done around 3:15. In order to help me remember to drink more water I brought my Nalgene water bottle to fill up. Breakfast did not disappoint and as a breakfast lover that always makes for a great day!

Overall today was also a productive day. I got most everything done on my list of things to do, my parents would be proud hahah

My Run - First I need to say a few things......When I got to the gym I was setting down my stuff and realized I forgot my iPod (not a good epiphany) and then as I began my first lap I realized I forgot to change into my sports bra......also not good :( still I wasn't about to just turn around and leave. That's when I had my third epiphany, I actually WANTED to run.
  • I did two and a third miles
  • It took me 30 minutes
  • 9 laps equal a mile on the inside track (aka I did 21 laps)
  • I tried to stretch as much as possible
  • The first mile break down
    • lap 1- walk
    • lap 2-4 run
    • lap 5 walk
    • lap 6-7 run
    • lap 8-9 walk
    • stretch/water 5 minute break
  • The second mile break down
    • lap 1 - run
    • lap 2 - walk
    • lap 3 - run
    • lap 4 - walk
    • lap 5 - run
    • lap 6-7 walk
    • lap 8-9 run
  • walked the last 3 laps for a cool down
My legs still a little sore, but I there was no sharp pain this time. YAY

Now it's time to take a shower and hit the bed! (I'm already tired and it's only 10 o'clock)

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