Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Miles

So in the past couple of weeks I've been consistently running/walking 2 miles around the indoor track. Last week I did 2.3 miles and tonight I did a full 3 miles! I originally set out for another 2.3 miles but when I got around the third cool down lap I felt so good I just decided to keep going. Like I said before the indoor track at the Student Rec Center is 9 laps per mile. I made it in just under 45 minutes including a water break and short stretch between each mile.

First Mile Breakdown:

  • lap 1 - walk
  • lap 2-5 - run
  • lap 6-7 - walk
  • lap 8-9 - run.....water break
Second Mile Breakdown:
  • lap 1 - walk
  • lap 2-3 - run
  • lap 4 - walk
  • lap 5 - run
  • lap 6 - walk
  • lap 7 - run
  • lap 8 - walk
  • lap 9 - run (I didn't actually stop before I ran the first lap of the next mile)....break came after
Third Mile Breakdown:
  • lap 1 - run
  • lap 2-4 - walk
  • lap 5 - run
  • lap 6 - walk
  • lap 7-8 - run
  • lap 9 - walk (I DID IT!!!!)

I'm a little sore already but I really tried to stretch well even after I got back to my room. Now it's time for Monday night TV :) Gossip Girl, World of Jenks, and the BURIED LIFE! I can't wait till my massage tomorrow morning and to finally get to bed at a decent time tonight.


  1. Is your Turkey Trot next weekend? I would recommend training outside, esp. since it'll be cold at the race. I did a 5k while pregnant with Logan in the winter... took me almost 47 minutes. I didn't train outside. That was my mistake. Scott ran it twice in the time it took me to finish!

  2. And good luck on your race, whenever it is! :)

  3. The Trot is actually on Thanksgiving morning. Thanks for the recommendation....I didn't even think about how different doing it outside might be. Hopefully I can get in a run on the outdoor track this week sometime. Does Scott usually run outside all year round?