Saturday, November 6, 2010

Biking, Laundry, Horse Racing?

I missed the big Central/Western football game last night because it was on ESPNU......seriously who gets that channel! Apparently we were beating them till the end, when we lost :(

My day's recap:
It started off with some cereal for breakfast, frankly I hate the cafe on the weekend. At any college you go to you'll find out that food on the weekend is limited and most often.......gross! I've been eating granola and yogurt all this week, because granola comes and goes in waves at the cafe, but I decided to treat myself with some captain crunch this morning. YUM

Next came exercise. After my run yesterday my shins were sore and I didn't want to over do it. So I went for something that would help strengthen my legs.....biking. I realized that next time I decide to bike in the Rec Center that I need to bring a magazine or a book (it was sooooo boring). I had my headphones in and there were TV's going right in front of me, but I really wasn't feeling it. I followed up biking with some crunches to strengthen my core (something that is really lacking now that I'm no longer dancing).

After lunch (some veggie mix, fettuccine, chocolate milk, and a few bites of a veggie patty), I called my Aunt Julie to do some much needed loads of laundry. When I walked in my great grandma was mixing some brown sugar in a bowl and all of the sudden I was hit with the smell of cooking brownies. I've been telling my mom for weeks how much I wanted homemade brownies, or cookies, and I was super excited to know I'd finally get some (I even got to lick the bowl!!!!!) For dinner, pizza, a small salad and a bowl of fruit. Then came brownies for dessert, which I also got sent home with (YAY).

Now I'm not a big follower on horse racing (I'm much more of a football, basketball, soccer kind of a girl), but apparently there was some big classic today called the Breeders' Cup. My Aunt told me all about this horse, Zenyatta, who at 6 years old was the only female in the race and who had never lost before. It was Zenyatta's last race and unfortunately she a nose :( I honestly wanted to cry, I felt bad for the horse and the owners/trainer/jockey and even fans who were all hoping she'd go out with a bang.

She really is a gorgeous horse

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