Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring '14 Playlist

I haven't made a playlist in a while so I thought I'd share some of the music I've been listening to most for the past couple of months. I purchased The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack when it came out and I've been obsessed with that lately, so I've added a few songs from that list. I've also provided links to each individual song on youtube if you want to have a listen. It's kind of a grab bag of music but I think they ended up fitting together nicely.

1. I Ain't Leavin' Without Your Love by Nashville Cast

2. Bomfalleralla by Afasi and Filthy

3. Heart Out by The 1975

4. Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson

5. Airwaves by Ray LaMontagne

6. Riptide by Vance Joy

7. Blood by Escapists

8. Let It Out by Black Prairie

9. Alone Again by Betty Who

10. Worthy by Jacob Banks

11. Supernova by Ray LaMontagne

12. Let Me In by Grouplove

13. One Light Shining by Nashville Cast

14. 1998 by Chet Faker

15. Not A Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake


Sunday, May 25, 2014

My First Video

Hey guys, I finally decided to stop putting it off and made a video. There's lots of rambling and I definitely don't have the best editing skills, but it was pretty fun to make. The video is mostly about my search for a new foundation. It's not a review of the product, which will probably come later. Hope you guys enjoy!

Like I said in the video, I have no idea if I'll make any more but if you liked this format and want to see more let me know. I'd love your feedback.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is having a great morning and enjoying their long weekend!

I made my weekly trip downtown to the farmer's market and to get breakfast this lovely morning. It's bright and sunny here but kind of chilly in the shade. My parents went to Mackinac Island today and asked me if I would pick up some asparagus at the farmer's market (which I said I would gladly do). I also grabbed some honey. We used to have a huge thing of it that we got from someone local, but I haven't been able to find that anywhere and I've been dying for honey. My allergies have hit and I'm hoping this helps a little. I know you're really supposed to start eating the local honey a few months before your allergies start, but I've been putting off purchasing some in case I managed to find the stuff we already had. Oh well.

There's a ton of people in town this weekend for the holiday and for the Bayshore Marathon. It was really busy downtown (which was good) but I'm not ready for full on tourist season yet. I like having peaceful Saturdays when I don't have to wait in line to get coffee or miss out on pastries. Unfortunately, by the time I made it to the farmer's market this morning (at 10:15), the cream cheese pastry that I love (and was longing for) were all sold out (sad times). I ended up going to get a muffin from The Green House Cafe. I was lucky to be getting my muffin to go because there was quite a line in there too.

Lastly, here's a shot of my outfit today (ignore my unmade bed in the background). The flannel shirt is from American Eagle (quite a few years old), the black jeans are also from AE but they're newer, and the t shirt is one of my favorites from Urban Outfitters (which is also old) that says "Be the change you wish to see in the world."


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Short's Saturday

Yesterday began with my weekly trip to the farmer's market and coffee run. It wasn't too warm out, but the sun appeared making the day quite enjoyable. I love my Saturday morning routine :)

Afterwards my mom and I went to Venus, a locally owned cosmetic store downtown TC, to try out the new bareSkin liquid foundation from bareMinerals. I've worn and loved their mineral makeup since high school. For a long time I didn't think I'd ever consider wearing liquid foundation again, but I had been throwing around the idea lately. I'd gotten sick of the lack of coverage that was available from the loose powder and was excited to buy the new pressed powder option last year. Unfortunately, the pressed powder never felt as great on my skin and usually ended up looking cakey on my face. When I tried the new liquid foundation on in the store it reminded me of that soothing, light feeling you get from the loose powder. The color I was matched to was out of stock at Venus, but should be in this next week. After wearing it on my face yesterday I can't wait to try the product out for myself and to see how I feel about the foundation after multiple uses.

Later in the day, my family headed to Elk Rapids for another event at Short's Brewery. We went to the Short's Fest event last year and had a great time. The event is held right outside the brewery and they have an assortment of beers on tap (but no where near what they had at the anniversary party a few weeks ago), food trucks, and free goodies. I'm not a huge beer drinker but I have found a few craft beers that I enjoy. It's a blessing to have so many local wine and breweries in the area.

It was much warmer last year and there weren't as many people this year, but it was still fun. My mom doesn't like beer, but my dad, my brother, and myself each tried a few different kinds. I think that's the coolest part about going to these events is being able to try beers you wouldn't normally see on shelves in the grocery store.

My brother and myself at Short's Fest.

We never did get a photo of my entire family this year. There's a really nice one of all of us last year at the event. Oh well, we'll get another one eventually.

Do you guys have local breweries that put on cool events? Has anyone tried bareSkin and if so what do you think?


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in my life and in the rest of the world! I'm so grateful for everything my own mother has done for me over the years. She's always loved and supported me in whatever I do.

I love you mom!!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Art, Clothes, and A Job!

So it's May which is great, but I want it to be warmer already. I guess I should appreciate this weather while it's here because I'm sure come summer I'll be complaining that it's too hot. Why is it that we're never satisfied with what we have?

On another (exciting) note, I finally nabbed myself a job. It's just a part time thing, but the hours are set which works out great. I figure I can enjoy some off time for now and then in a few months start looking for a second job. Hopefully I can manage this time wisely and start painting again. I miss pouring myself a glass of wine, cranking up some good music, and getting a little messy with the paint.

Besides getting used to the job requirements, I've been having a difficult time figuring out what I should wear to work and what sort of snacks to bring. That sounds random but it seems like two important parts of setting myself up for a good future. I definitely need to bring snacks for all three days I'm there, but I don't want to be the person who always ends up getting chocolate bars from the vending machine. My goal is to bring healthy snacks to satisfy cravings and keep my metabolism going. I never know how people go a full six hours or more without food.

The wardrobe aspect has been a little bit harder to figure out. I've always strived to find my style within the confines of the given situation or job. The place I'm working is business casual but they seem to be on the more casual side. I bought a few new pairs of pants and can't wait to mix and match with pieces I already own, as well as continue to develop my wardrobe. My goal is to find pieces that will work for this job but can also be useful for any other job direction I take. Hopefully I remember to start posting some more outfits on here!

Also can I just say how badly I want these keds.

I might have to order me a pair.