Sunday, November 21, 2010

Countdown and Sweat

I'm officially in the holiday spirit! The countdown to my favorite part of the year.....the 25 days of Christmas has started....meaning lots of upcoming holiday movies and music. I love how they added a countdown because 25 days just isn't enough :) I feel like it was only a week ago I was bitching about not wanting the holidays to happen but not anymore! Bring it on.....even snow....? Okay maybe I'm not ready to walk to class in it yet, but I am kind of looking forward to a beautifully white holiday season ....although it's still in the high 50's and it's almost December (can you say global warming).

Check out the schedule for the countdown on ABC Family:

I look forward to these movies all year round.....The classic Rudolf, Frosty, A Year Without a Santa Clause, How a Grinch Stole Christmas, a Miracle on 34th Street, and of course many more! The holidays are always such a joy, and getting to spend time with family and friends that aren't with you during the year. Earlier I had on ABC Family while listening to Christmas music, making my Christmas list AND thinking of ways to decorate my room. For sure going to bring back some lights and maybe making some paper snowflakes..... I love crafts. I also can't wait to bring back my own holiday movie stash......although I realized how annoying it is that my Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause and a bunch of random holiday movies are all on VHS :( I think my favorite holiday movie is White Christmas......between the singing, the dancing, and Danny Kaye's wonderful comedy's a movie everyone can enjoy.

Today was also nice because I was able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Corie complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes, rotisserie chicken, green beans, and many yummy desserts.

I also finally made it to the gym again to work out. It was Sunday, so that meant Zumba time! Corie and I hit up our usual weekly class. It felt great and I was sweating like a  mad woman. I love the feeling when my legs want to give up and I just keep's good practice for running I guess. Building up my endurance and my leg strength with all those squats and booty shaking. I need to start remembering my water bottle though, because I'm sure keeping hydrated would help keep my energy up. In class tonight I noticed how much of a dancer I am....I was stuck directly behind this girl most of the class and couldn't see myself in the mirror, it was driving me insane! As a trained dancer I'm used to having the mirror to analyze form and people knowing how to properly stagger their lines in order for everyone to have mirror space. Maybe I'm just a freak about it haha

Hope everyone is enjoying the AMA's! and tomorrow I WILL run.

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