Friday, November 5, 2010

Sometimes I'm a Little Concerned about My Sanity.........

So I've recently decided to become a runner. I've never liked running and have always been bad at it. My body is not exactly made for the challenges a runner faces, I've always felt way more comfortable dancing. Recently though I've made it my goal to run a marathon (here's where the crazy comes in), specifically the Chicago marathon next year. I got the idea from reading the blog> (go check it out!) The site was recommended to me by my friend Sam. I loved Meghann's story and the food she puts together always looks AMAZING! She ran the Chicago Marathon and made it sound like fun....yeah fun hahahaha. I realize running 26.2 miles is not going to be "fun," or easy, but you got to "go big or go home" right? As a kick start I've decided to run the Turkey Trot, a 5K race on Thanksgiving in TC (here's the website if you want to sign up- do it, you know you want to... When Sam suggested the race to me, I was a little worried, but I realized if I was serious about my goal I had to start somewhere. So I asked my dad to help me out, he's always up for motivating me to work a good way, and he agreed to run the race with me :) Thanks Dad!!! The only downside is my dad has apparently gotten the running bug and is way ahead of me on his training schedule. I haven't had much time.....ok, maybe its motivation, to get out running. I've gone out a few times, hitting the inside track at the Student Rec Center and even running with Sam last Saturday. Surprisingly I did not die on that run, and it really wasn't all that bad. I was quite proud of my little accomplishment that day, even though I know Sam was hoping to push me a little harder.
Which leads me to today. I made a list for myself last night of all the things I wanted/needed to accomplish today
-see my academic advisor
-get my part of my Frostic School of the Arts application done (3 drawings and a personal statement)
-clean my room
-read some more of Fuente Ovejuna for my Literary Classic class
-get laundry (this might have to wait till tomorrow) you can see I still have some things to do.
I figured out what requirements still need to be filled for my undergrad, I straightened up a few things in my room, and I ran
I decided to run on the treadmill today. I just wasn't feeling the indoor track, running is bad enough without having to run in circles inside. So I set my goal at 2 miles and depending on how my shins were doing maybe 3. I obviously did not stretch well because my shins started to hurt pretty badly somewhere around 1.3 miles. It took me 30 minutes too....not the time I was hoping for. But on the bright side, I did run two full half miles during that time :) Hopefully I will get better and avoid getting shin splints. Speaking of does anyone know any good tips or exercises to avoid them?


  1. The best thing you can do to avoid shinsplints is get a good pair of shoes. I like the Saucony Hurricane 7. They are very supportive for a heavy runner. (NOT that you're heavy - I am) so that's why I like them. I have been jogging on the treadmill for 6.5 years now - wearing Sauconys for almost 6 years.

  2. Oh thanks! I'll have to try them out. I made the investment last year for some much needed new athletic shoes, nike's which i really like, but I think if I'm gonna start running more I should get a second pair.

  3. Remember when you lectured me about my shin splints? Sounded like you knew a lot about them then...hahah. Definitely new shoes...mine are super old..aka constant shin splints.

  4. Stretch, stretch , stretch....and you will not get them so bad..don't make your goals so high when you are just starting.....Aunt Laurie