Thursday, April 10, 2014

As Long As You're Trying, You're Not Failing

Monday I went for my first run in almost half a year. After really aggravating my shins running last summer and feeling like I got no where, I decided to join the I'm-not-a-runner club again. And I've been perfectly okay with not running (there were a few times when my friends ran races and it made me want to try again, but for the most part not running was good). So instead of running I've been taking WERQ fitness classes, and I've been having so much fun. Unfortunately, my class package is over and (for now) I can't afford to take anymore classes.

Ultimately it means I'm back to relying on home workout videos and outdoor activities for exercise. I'm feeling pretty thankful that it's spring and spending time outside has been enjoyable again (at least for now, you never know what'll happen with the weather in MI).

Anyways, I went out on Monday for a walk and randomly decided it'd be a good time to try running. I thought things would be fine because I had stretched well before leaving the house and had walked for a good 5 minutes before taking off but after a minute of running I stopped to take a small walking break. The lower half of my legs felt so tight I was afraid they were going to cramp up so I tried to walk it off and then finally stopped to stretch them out. After stretching I was hoping to try running again, but I couldn't even walk right let alone run. Part of me was afraid I'd mess up my shins again and part of me was afraid I'd fall on my face because it felt like my ankles weren't working properly.

I walked all the way home feeling like a failure because I only ran for a minute, then I remembered that as long as you're trying, you're not failing. Working towards something, even if it seems like you're not accomplishing anything at the time, is 10x better than not working at all. It's a lesson that's not only good for running but every aspect of life.

So I'll be running again because the only way to get better is to keep trying (yup I've gone full on cheese balls now).

I know that I probably talk about this kind of encouragement a lot on here, but it's something I typically need to be reminded of. Plus I figure if I need to be reminded of this, there's probably someone else that needs reminding too.


Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Been Too Long

It's been almost a month since I last wrote anything on this blog. There's really no excuse except that I just didn't feel like writing. I have been feeling stuck lately, creatively and with life in general. Staying away from this blog was a way of avoiding making sub-par and/or negative content.

Because this blog isn't specific to any certain area of my life at the moment, it's sometimes difficult to choose what parts I want to share on here. Occasionally I have so many things I want to talk about it's overwhelming and other times it seems like there's just nothing good to share.

I promise I will try to keep up at least a weekly schedule of posts from now on. Hopefully some sort of schedule will allow me to keep blogging more regularly without compromising quality content. I love being able to share my thoughts and my life on this blog and am not ready to give it up yet. Thanks for giving me some time away, but get ready for new posts soon!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Life is Too Short

It's hard to keep the good vibes rolling in the winter month. It's been a bad winter this year. Record lows and never ending snow. Thankfully sunny days have seemed to arrive and hopefully will continue to come our way. It's funny how a little sun can be so deceiving. I kept looking out the windows last week thinking it looked warm when it was actually only 3 or 4 degrees outside. When the sun comes out I always make it a point to open all the curtains and spend a little time taking pointers from my cat and sprawling out in the pools of sunlight.

It has started to warm up a little here in TC and I'm hoping the forecast stays in the 30's and 40's. It would be wonderful if the snow melted down enough for the mountains of snow at the end of our driveway to shrink some.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oscar Vibes

I know this post is coming to you a little late in the game, but I wanted to talk about it anyways. I watched the Oscars on Sunday with my mom and we both loved it. I live for award shows and started watching pre-red carpet stuff at 1:30! Can you tell I'm a wee bit obsessed?

I mean it's the best of so many worlds wrapped into one.


There were some amazing performances from Idina Menzel to U2 and freakin Bette Midler (nothing can beat her singing Wind Beneath My Wings).

Ellen was hilarious and charming and everything good. 

and of course MOVIES!
I'm always amazed by what movies can do. The way they can not only bring people together but provide an introduction for discussions. Many Oscar nominated movies and performances are about exploring the depth of human nature and those moments that have brought shame as well as those that have inspired triumph.

One last thing I love about award shows is the speeches. And man were there some good speeches on Sunday night. I laughed, I definitely cried (Jared Leto I'm looking at you), and I was reminded of all the wonderful people in my own life.

Do you ever think of who you'd thank during an award speech? Who do you think was best dressed of the night?


Friday, February 21, 2014


Do you ever hear a song and then become completely obsessed with it? I mean can't stop listening to it even if you wanted to, stuck in your head for days, have to hear it just one more time before you leave the house. This happens to me all the time. Even if it's a song I've heard before, I'll still get in moods where I have to listen to it again.

Clementine by Sarah Jaffe. This song was played in a movie I watched the other night (Life Happens) and ever since then it's been stuck. I know I've heard it before but for some reason I can't get enough of it right now.

Adore You by Miley Cyrus. Say what you want about Miley but this is actually a pretty great song.

Lately by Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen. I think I've loved every song from these two, their voices sound incredible together. Nashville has been so good lately, but I just want Scarlett and Gunner to get back together.

I don't know what it is about these songs that make them special. I think it's typically the combination between lyrics and the type of mood I'm in. Usually after a week or so of constantly listening to the song over and over again I make myself sick of it. As much as we complain about the radio overplaying songs, I think it's a common mistake we all make. The joy of not listening to the radio often is that once you are sick of a song you have the option to not listen to it for a while.

Are you currently obsessed with any songs?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spending Time

Your life is so important. Make sure you appreciate the time you are given and use it for things that you find truly important.

I have noticed that I tend to waste a lot of time on my computer or watching TV shows. For the past week I've been watching the Olympics which I consider a good use of my time, but spending that much time watching TV shows takes away from other activities that I love. I want to be able to get more done and get myself to a better place than I am now. Part of making that happen will have to be finding a way to better manage my time and the way I spend my days.

Here's a list of 5 things I want to limit my time doing every day:

1. browsing the internet/social media

2. playing on my phone

3. sitting on the couch or in my bed

4. watching TV shows

5. mindlessly eating junk food

And 5 things I want to spend more time doing every day:

1. making art

2. reading

3. job searching

4. working out/doing something active

5. being outside

Do you think you spend your time wisely? What would you like to spend more/less time doing?