Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zumba and my Flirting Habits

It's Sunday night, which means it's Zumba time!!!!!!

I love Zumba because it is the closest I get to dance, I mean it basically is dancing. Zumba's one of those classes that you get to shake your booty and sweat away pounds. If you've never heard of Zumba it's best described as a mix of hip hop and latin dancing. At Western classes are offered on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night in the Student Rec Center.

As I was walking in to SRC tonight the cute guy who is always swiping cards when I go to Aerobics was there as always :) We always say hi to each other and ask how each other are doing, but lately he's been chattin so long he's still talking as I walk away and I never catch what he says. So then I just end up doing one of those stupid smile and nod like an idiot because I don't hear him moves. Tonight I even laughed and he gave me the weirdest look, yeah....not doing that again. So apparently I'm just really bad at flirting with him, this needs to improve too because he's super cute.

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