Thursday, June 30, 2011

Number one reason for watching Pretty Little Liars:
Ezra Fitz

Thank you Ian Harding.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I just started reading The Rainmaker, do I want to take a break and reread Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

I'm leaning toward taking a break for one of the best books ever, but it's so hard because I'm really liking The Rainmaker. I just have this urge to spend the last few weeks before the end of this era reading some of the best literature a child could grow up with. I think it's kind of symbolic that my birthday arrives just days after the last Harry Potter movie comes out. My 21st birthday officially (I believe even more so than 18) will mark the end of my childhood, something that Harry Potter was a big part of. I can still remember when a bunch of people freaked out because the books were "teaching kids witchcraft." It seems a far cry from how most of society feels about the books today. In reality, the books taught us that despite all of the evil in the world, there is so much good (that and about a million other life lessons). 

Despite the end of this era fastly approaching, there will never be a time when Harry Potter is forgotten. Harry is very much a classic and will remain in our hearts and on our book shelves forever.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Funny Story

I got together with one of my oldest friends and neighbor last night to watch movies and eat dinner (and of course go to the Dairy Lodge). We rented Our Lips are Sealed (an old Mary Kate and Ashley's kind of a tradition we have now) and It's Kind of a Funny Story. We watched Our Lips are Sealed first which is the one where the twins get put into Witness Protection and eventually end up in Australia. The jokes are corny, the fashion is hilarious, and the movies lack the quality that we once believed they possessed, but it's still a fun. After walked the few blocks to get our ice cream, we came back to watch It's Kind of a Funny Story. The movie was actually amazing! I had no idea what to expect and hadn't heard a whole lot from anyone about whether it was good or not. The movie is more of a sad one, but there were things I could relate to.

It's Kind of a Funny Story Poster

As I've talked about before, eventually in life I'd really like to become an Art Therapist. If you don't know what it's pretty self explanatory, but it's using art as a way of dealing with life's up's and down's. In the movie the main character uses art in all sorts of ways, like music as well as drawing and painting to help with his depression. The movie just reaffirmed my beliefs that art can truly help and is so useful as an outlet for all sorts of emotions. I know art has helped me personally and even tonight I had a blast painting with watercolors with my cousin, Ari. And the best part is, is that you don't have to be this amazing artist to make art. I in no way claim to be the most talented or knowledgeable about art, but I try and learn new things every day. Art is just something I love to work on; it gives me a direction to channel all my feelings. I can control my pencil or my paint brush in a way that I can't control some of the other aspects of my life.

So what I propose is that next time you're frustrated, sad, stressed or even really happy consider putting it on paper, a canvas, a paper bag, or even a napkin. Sometimes I love just doodling.

Peace out till next time.

Song of the Week

Turn Off this Song and Go Outside by The Lonely Forest

The lyrics, the melody, John's voice! If you haven't already heard of The Lonely Forest your welcome.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jack McPhee's Words on Love

Tonight's post comes courtesy of the character Jack from Dawson's Creek.....

I don't believe in perfect love. But I do believe that there are people who's lives are inextricably intertwined. 

Nicely said fictional friend.
Yes I am re-watched the last two seasons of Dawson's Creek for the who knows how many times now. I will always find this show entertaining (just like Boy Meets World, Felicity, and some other old television shows that I watched when I was younger). And as I was looking back through random quotes from the show this was just one that popped out as something that rings true to my beliefs. I was honestly surprised at how much I'd forgotten about each characters and how truly dynamic they were. Although the show was pretty soap opera-y, it's still about 10x better than the shows that are like that today. Television these days..... honestly what are we teaching young kids? Sorry for the younger generations who missed out on the quality TV we grew up with.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Padre and balloons

Happy Father's Day!! 
To one of the best fathers a girl could have. 

Love you always!
- - -
Yesterday we got to witness some pretty amazing hot air balloons. I've always wanted to go to the big gathering in New Mexico, but it was pretty sweet that so many gathered right here in my home town. 

These ones were racing balloons that just passed over and had launched from a different location... I really liked the one in the first picture.

The Fox balloon was HUGE and had a 12 person basket!

 Sadly the wind was too strong and the Remax balloon never ended up taking off.

Later at around 9:30 a number of the balloons came back to the open space for a light up in the was pretty cool looking, although my parents said Friday night they had 13 or 14 balloons all jammed down there that all lit up together...that would have been awesome.

Summer Thoughts

The weather has been magnificent lately... so summery finally. These pictures are just a few of the things on my mind recently. Sitting on docks, drinking wine and watching the sun set, hammocks, painting... acrylics and watercolors, dancing, becoming a lost boy girl, wine tasting for my bday in a month, watching Never Let Me Go and Somewhere, painting my nails, listening to the Avett Brothers for hours,  day dreams of bon fires, and the last picture reminds me of something my cousin Hannah and I would be doing (and I miss her so very much!)

all pictures are from my pinterest

Friday, June 17, 2011

When Bad turns to Good: Part 2

Yesterday morning was spent in the Emergency Room. Apparently I just can't get enough hospital time in and my body felt the need to show me what's up. I got poked a number of times when they tried to put the IV in and draw blood. I swear I have no viens....they're just tiny, like to hide, and hate giving up my blood. The guy actually ended up putting the IV in my leg, leg. It looked super weird, but hey if it works.

They did a bunch of tests, but everything looked good. The doctor really thought it was my appendix at first because the pain was mostly on the right side starting from my belly button. I had woken up at 5:45 and had this sharp pain in my stomach, unlike any kind of normal stomach pain. I thought it'd be ok and just go away, but after a few moments of not being able to lay down or stand up straight I knew something wasn't right. The problem with stomach pains when you're a girl is that people always just assume you're having cramps or something.....seriously people, I'm not that big of a wimp. I wasn't nauseous at all and it wasn't down low, but right by my belly button. After drinking two cups of Barium and being injected with dye for a CAT scan the doctor came back to tell me it was surprisingly not my appendix and thus he didn't know what could be causing it. He then just decided it'd be best to send me home and hope that it'd get better.

As glad as I was that the pain wasn't anything serious and that I didn't have to have surgery to remove my appendix or anything, I hate not knowing what is wrong. The doctor told us that about 50% of the people who come in with stomach pain end up being unexplained causes and most are just a once in a lifetime thing and get better on their own. Cross my figures I'm one of those people.

Today's been better, but my stomach is still sore. I was really hoping to go to a free class at Yen Yoga Studios sometime yesterday, today or Saturday, but with problems like this I don't know if that'd be the best idea. They've had free classes all week, which is an amazing deal, but I've been so busy the last few days. I really wanted to try out a spinning class.

- - -

On a completely different note.....I HAVE A JOB!!! I went to a group interview last week with the Gap Outlet that's in town and was called back for a second interview on Wednesday. Yesterday afternoon while lounging on the couch I received the call I was hoping for asking me if I wanted the job....YES. So that at least made the day 10x better than it was turning out to be. I can't wait to get working and it's a huge stress relief finally knowing I have a job....not to mention something else to do with my time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day

I need to get through hump day and then the rest of my weeks plans are all down hill toward Friday.
I was bummed when I realized I'd be working with my dad tonight during So You Think You Can Dance. I missed watching it last week and was excited to actually watch it this week....oh well. I'll just have to find it online again. My favorites from last week were....

I am rooting for Melanie Moore all the way this season. There's just something about her that I find enjoyable and think a lot of people will connect to, besides the fact that her dancing blows me away. The second piece honestly made me cry (not that the first one didn't too). First I love Passion Pit and Moth's Wing is one of my favorite songs, but secondly because sometimes dance/art is so beautiful and magical that it overwhelms me. It's like I get filled with too much joy and it overflows.....this is probably why I should just never get pregnant because I'd just never stop crying.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decemberists in July

The Decemberists are coming to Interlochen's 2011 Summer Art's Festival!

I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE TO GO WITH ME!!! I want to see them SO SO bad and couldn't believe they are going to be coming so close to my home town.

They're performing July 27th at 8pm if anyone is free, in town and would like to hit it up with me :)

Just one of their amazing songs. Other favorite songs of mine include Sons and Daughters, July July!, The Crane Wife 3, Down by the Water, and Los Angeles I'm Yours.

On a side note, I got to see the Space Station racing through the sky tonight. It was a perfect night to watch it go past.
Up in the morning for some painting, got all my supplies tonight and I'm excited to try them out. Peace out till next time.

When Bad turns to Good

One thing about starting a day off badly is the high chance that it can only go up from there. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I woke up to a horrible beginning and ended on a much better note. My morning consisted of money problems, an empty gas tank, a traffic jam due to road construction, and an overall feeling of anxiety.

When I finally got to my painting class it seemed to get a little bit better. The class doesn't seem like it will be too bad, although I was not anticipating presentations and such, which make it seem a little less fun than it should be. We can choose whether to use oil paints or acrylics, but I'm leaning more towards acrylics. As much as I'd love to try oil painting, it seems like I'd have to have all this extra stuff and that it'd be more difficult in the long run. Maybe I'll save that for another day. I was also really surprised when he had us analyze different slides of art work. I felt like I was back in Art History again discussing the meanings and techniques of paintings like Rembrandt's Night Watch.

It is fun to hear everyone's interpretation and thoughts on each piece though. My teacher was really intense about the directions your eyes move through each painting we looked at. For example the Night Watch seems to work your eye around in an almost spiral-like motion starting with the girl. Although this painting has been damaged (which I think is why it's so dark), I actually like it that way so the contrasts with the light seem that much more intense.

After class got let out, I went to finish up some work with my dad and put gas in my van (I'm not even going to get into my cursed gas pumping experiences). Then I went to see Sandy!!! This is the first time I've seen her since the Bayshore race and the first time I saw her knew apartment. We decided to get Qdoba for dinner and watch The Sound of Music. That movie will never get old, it brings back memories of watching it as a child with my mom. I love the music and pretty much know all the words. As a child I always assumed that when people fell in love they'd sing and dance together.....yeah, that's crushed. I just love all their costumes in this movie and I wish that people still got together for classy parties and danced elegant dances that everyone knew.

This picture is so perfect and the fact that they get together in the end makes me so happy.

Liesl's dress during 16 going on 17 was/is my dream dress. I love the way the skirt moves and the lightness of it. I have this slight obsession with skirts and the way they move when you dance in them.

Source for above photos

And of course it wouldn't be me talking about a movie if I didn't point out how attractive Christopher Plummer is in it. His voice.... :)

I had totally forgotten how long of a movie it was though, that's probably the only thing wrong with it.