Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog World

I read way too many blogs.

I can't even count how many blogs I keep track of because they're all over the place and I'm constantly finding new and interesting ones to read. I try to keep up with them, but it's so hard. I'm sure if I used google reader it would probably be an easier more organized task.....but I like seeing the actual lay outs of each person's blog (it makes them more personal).

The majority of the blogs I read are health and fitness blogs, with some food and fashion thrown in. What I love is that each person has their own style and voice that makes reading about their life feel like I actually know that person. I love getting recipe ideas, or life advice from blogs....and what's not to love about a little fashion update. Since I'm slightly addicted to shopping, but don't have the budget to, I can live vicariously through other bloggers. I also feel very empowered and motivated after reading all these blogs by successful women with amazing careers. Some of the bloggers are even in college, which is fun to read in a more relatable way.

I still feel like I'm just starting out, trying to find my own voice and my own style. Something that will draw people in, and will interest people enough to keep them coming back for more. Sometimes I struggle to find time between class, home work, friends, and working out to write posts all the time. And other times I struggle to find something interesting that people actually want to read. I live a pretty normal, slightly boring, life where not much happens on a daily basis.

It's funny how now I find myself blabbing on about blogs in every day conversations with people (like they care). I constantly have to stop and tell myself that my parents want to hear what I'm doing not this blogger or that one, and that my friends don't care what a random blogger had for breakfast.

Starting this blog had nothing to do with wanting lots of people to read it, and I still don't really care about that, it was about keeping myself on track. A way to document my exercise and goals of a healthier life, almost like a diary. I've always loved to write (for myself, not so much for schooling purposes), and enjoyed keeping a journal as a young girl. I find writing really therapeutic for me, like I do art and dance (and running).

So my goal for next month (April) is to write something of substance at least once a day aka. Blog Everyday in April. I know it'll be a challenge, especially with the end of the semester and exams right around the corner. I still can't believe I'm almost done with my first official year at Western Michigan University. And I also can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I graduated high school! Where has all that time gone?

On and ending note, I do have a few enjoyable things to share with you today,
I painted my nails the other day! What do you think of the color?

I bought two new bottles (like I mentioned) yesterday of Sally Hanson nail polish (the same brand of the color I'm already wearing). They were buy one get one 50% off, that's why I could afford two :)


I'm watching Army Wives right now. I used to watch it all the time and haven't consistently watched it in at least two seasons, so I'm just starting over and going through the whole series. I totally forgot about a ton of stuff that happened. Luckily my homework load for the week is pretty light, so I actually have time to watch these without blowing off stuff I should be doing. Also...
Roxy and Trevor have ALWAYS been my favorite couple! Her "take no shit" attitude and his "I'm great with kids and super hot" attractiveness makes them perfect.

and fourth....
I bought a bag of Dove dark chocolate yesterday at Meijer and have been getting the greatest quotes on the wrappers. Such as.... "Tempt your sense of exploration,"
"forget the rules and play by heart,"
"Happiness never decreases by being shared,"
and "do what feels right."

Thanks for the advise and wise words Dove :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I had a wake up call last week when I realized that it was already the end of March, meaning only 2 months until the Bayshore 10K, and I am no where close to running 6 miles. I've been running here and there this semester, but not really sticking to any sort of plan. With knee and shin pain coming and going I haven't wanted to push myself too hard to avoid real injury. I have been working out, quite a bit lately, so it's not like I'm totally out of shape, but running tends to be more of a mental and physical challenge for me that biking or just going on the elliptical.

My problems with running

- hydration, I'm horrible at remembering to bring my water bottle and I know for a fact that I get distracted and run down when I'm thirsty and my mouth is dry
- time, I get discouraged by how slow I'm running so it makes me want to just stop and walk
- counting laps, it's hard to zone out when you're trying to remember what lap you're on and how many you've run vs. walked.
- mentality, I find that I present numbers before I start running and only do what I think I can do without listening to what my body is telling me it can do or pushing myself at all. I'll tell myself oh just start with 3 laps straight and go from there, so I just do 3 laps and give up when I really could have kept going for at least another few laps.

I don't even know if you could call what I do "running" it's more like a jog....a slow one at that. I try not to focus on time, but rather just focus on distance. Tonights run, although I really have no clue how long it took me felt like my first real accomplishment all semester. My shins didn't hurt, my knees didn't throb and I almost lost track of how many laps I'd done I was so focused on the music blaring from my iPod.

Here's the mile breakdown:

Mile 1:

  • laps 1-2 walking warm up
  • laps 3-7 run 
  • lap 8 walk
  • lap 9 run
Mile 2:
  • lap 1 walk
  • lap 2 run
  • laps 3-4 walk
  • laps 5-6 run
  • lap 7 walk
  • lap 8 run
  • lap 9 walk
Mile 3:
  • lap 1 run
  • laps 2-3 walk
  • lap 4 run
  • lap 5 walk
  • lap 6 run
  • lap 7-8
I lost track of my laps in the last mile and I knew I was going to miss one, bummer. I was trying to focus on just the running laps but wanted to know how many I walked as well for the mile breakdown so I got a little confused. Maybe next time I'll just bring a piece of paper I can write laps down on when I go to take water breaks (typically after every mile.)

- - -
Overall, today was a good day. I walked around in tennis shoes (no UGGs) and my North Face jacket (without having to wear a sweatshirt underneath it). The sun was really shining today and the wind wasn't too strong, but the air was still crisp (I just want it to be in the 50's already!) 

This evening I had my first encounter with Red Robin (Yum).....really, yum. Because I was a new comer I opted for one of their burgers, a single order of cheese sticks (because Corie and Nicole both got some and they sounded good), and a chocolate milk shake. Yeah, I know, it was a LOT of food. We should have really split cheese sticks because I could hardly eat my burger once it came. So I ended up bring half of the meal home (two cheese sticks and half the burger). As full as I felt walking out, I was happy I didn't totally stuff my face. Plus now I have a nice lunch for tomorrow. We also made a grocery trip to Meijer, where I always spend too much money (even though this time the list was pretty small). Since this trip consisted not only of milk and yogurt, but of things such as granola bars, popcorn and cereal I'm hoping my investments will last me a while. Plus I got some new nail polish. I figured I'd treat myself because I jut got my tax returns back :)

Photos of Spring

Now that the sun has begun to shine, the snow has melted, and the birds are beginning to chirp Spring is in the air. It's so nice to be in southern Michigan this year, as the north tends to always run a few weeks behind. Here are a few photos that remind me of spring in one way or another.....enjoy!

Conc in Beautiful Pictures For Spring Inspiration

Rain in Beautiful Pictures For Spring Inspiration

Taste in Beautiful Pictures For Spring Inspiration

With the new season comes buds of future flowers, wonderful rain showers, and hopefully days spend laying around in fields of grass.

Emma Watson Photograph

Emma Watson Photograph

Emma Watson Photograph

Emma Watson is one of my favorite style icons and all these spring looks give me such great inspiration for my wardrobe this year.

Soft braids and loose updos fit perfectly with the ease of spring


Hopefully the season will consist of a trip or two to the dunes.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Relaxing Sundays

This weekend I was pretty much on my own. The majority of my close friends at Western were gone for the weekend, so I didn't do a whole lot but hang out in my room (it really was as boring as it sounds).
I don't know about you, but it seems that the less I have planned in my life, the less I get done what I need to get done. For instance, I had quite a bit of homework that I needed to finish this weekend and all that free time, but I'm still left late on Sunday night scrambling to finish all my work. I have a procrastination problem...

I went to the gym this afternoon for a nice workout. I went easy on the joints with a little elliptical (the kind that you move your arms too) for 20 minutes. Then I switched to the stationary bike for another 20 minutes changing between speeds of 3 and 5 at intervals of 2 minutes. Followed up by 20 bicycle crunches, 10 side crunches on either side, 20 reverse crunches and 30 leg lifts on either side. My ipod ran out of battery after the elliptical, which was annoying. Partly why I did the other half of my workout on the bike because then I just watched Mean Girls on TV. I haven't seen that movie in so long and forgot how truly funny it was. Back when Lindsay Lohan was actually good at acting and doing her job, when she looked normal and still had red hair.

After a stop for a mocha from Biggby, I came back to get cracking on my homework....finally. So I popped in P.S. I Love You, made some ramen noodles and I'm sitting in my big green chair being productive....imagine that. I would totally marry Gerard Butler, my mom thinks I'm crazy for thinking he's hot because he's "so old" but he's like the same age as Brad Pitt so I'm ok with that. Plus he's got the whole hot Scottish accent thing going on, can't beat that.


I'll be his Galway Girl :)


Best part of the movie! hahahha

Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Things....part 5

10 of my favorite movie quotes.

As I've mentioned before I love movies (and lists). My friends sometimes get annoyed when I start quoting everything (I'm sorry I know every word to Center Stage!)

A few years ago I did this game where people guessed what movie the quote was from so I'll do the same thing here for whoever wants to take a stab at it.

1. "I do ballet because it has nothing to do with the people. Give me tiaras and boys in tights anyday."

2. "It was so good I almost peed my pants! 

She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance."

3. "It's not illegal. It's frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal too.
Yeah maybe after 9/11, where everybody got so sensitive. Thanks a lot bin Laden."

4. "I do wish we could chat longer, but....I'm having an old friend for dinner, bye"

5. "Don't forget your penis cream."

6. "So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day."

7. "Why spiders? Why couldn't it be 'follow the butterflies'?"

8. "That ain't no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, Homeskillet."

9. "Have you found Jesus Forrest?
I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for him."

10. "I remember my first beer."

Honestly there's so many it's impossible to just choose 10 that are the best......

Ones that could have made the list

- "Mamma always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."
- "I feel the need....the need for speed"
- "I'll have what she's having."
- "Always shaken, never stirred." 
- "It's not every day you find a girl who will flash someone to get you out of detention."

Basically anything from Forrest Gump, the Hangover, and Step Brothers is fair game.

What are your favorite movie quotes?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Goals

Last weeks goals went surprisingly well and I was able to cross off the majority of the items. I might start making goal list weekly now just because the blog tends to hold me more accountable that I do myself.

Last weeks goals

  • Do all my textbook readings (art history/child psychology/RBC/Human Sexuality)....I half finished this
  • Read more of "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" for fun....of course this wasn't hard to cross off
  • Visit the art counselor to discuss my minor requirements....CHECK!
  • Sign up for fall classes....ANOTHER CHECK :) 2 art classes, 2 psych classes, another gen-ed and maybe a soc class (?).....that puts me at 18 credits!
  • Go to at least one aerobics class....I tried but this one just didn't work with my schedule last week (I haven't been to yoga in weeks and I'm dying to hit it up this week, no excuses)
  • Get in 5 + days of workout....SO EXCITED that I actually did this one, just proves that I want this change and I'm dedicated to making my life a better one (can't wait to fit into the other half of my wardrobe again lol)
  • Go to Meijer for groceries.....hummus, cereal, milk, yogurt, berries, carrots, an overall good trip if you ask me
  • Do laundry....much needed task that I was lucky enough to fit into the schedule this week. I'm so thankful my aunt lets me do my laundry there so I don't have to pay $2.00 a load at school!
  • Figure out my printer....done, and my parents already sent me more ink (now I'll be worry free about that for the rest of the year)
  • Finish catching up with my online class as well as finishing this weeks discussion.....not quite caught up but at least I didn't get even more behind
  • Run a total of 4-5 miles (excluding laps I may walk in between)....more like 2 miles

The majority of my goals this week are similarly school and exercise related so I'm gonna save making an actual list for a week that involves more planning. Hopefully I won't let anything slip by.

I have always loved making lists. When I was younger my cousin and I used to make lists of our daily schedules together. We would write stuff like
wake up-9:00
get out of bed, eat breakfast, take a shower were all included with a certain time frame
even details such as put on make up, deodorant, and lotion.....apparently we thought we'd forget if we didn't write it out?

We'd also make lists of funny things, or inside jokes....usually late at night. It's one of our favorite past times together. 

Out Tonight....Rent

Saturday night I had the pleasure of witnessing Western's AMAZING theater program and it's production of Jonathan Larson's Rent!


I can't get over how good the musical was. I remember when the movie came out, and Sam and I went to go see it in theaters. I cried for the whole second half of the joke (I'm a crier). I love everything about this musical to the story, music, lyrics, message, and the tragic background story of the musical's making (look it really is a sad story). If you haven't ever heard of Rent, you really are missing out on a great piece of art.

Everyone in the cast was too good for words. I'd like to pick people out and say I liked Roger, or Maureen, but really each actor blew up the stage with his or her talent. I have to admit to a few I definitely cried during parts of this. I screamed a little when the girl playing Maureen held those notes during Over the Moon. And I may or may not have mouthed along to the majority of the songs by sheer habit because I listen to the original broadway soundtrack all the time :)

I love watching musicals live because there's a whole different element then when you're just listening to the music on cd or watching a movie version. The energy of the show and the emotion almost feels as if it's swirling around you, almost as if it's engulfing you. When I went to see Wicked in Chicago, I was so jolted by the energy it literally brought me to tears. There are points when I listen to the soundtrack even that my skin starts to tingle because the music is so moving. The same thing happened while watching Rent the other night. It's hard to explain. But it's almost like goose bumps, but it just feels like someone is moving their electrically charged hands all up and down your arms.

Maybe I'm weird, but does anyone else have this happen to them?

- - -
Story/confession time. I tripped on my over to the theater. Not in like a little slip or trip where you just kind of stumble, but an actual fall over on the ground kind of thing. One thing I have learned during my lifetime is that I may be graceful on the dance floor, but off of it, my legs may fail to work sometimes. This was the case on Friday when I was walking down some stairs over by the theater. My jeans were a little long and my already slippery shoes must have caught on the back, causing my foot to slip out from underneath me. My feet went sliding out, and I have no idea how this happened but I ended up on my side, down the 3 or so steps I had left with my face inches from the ground (luckily I'm a pro at catching my falls). As I looked over through the mess of hair covering my face, I notice the horrified looks on the faces of two mothers and their daughters and Corie looking as if she's trying hard to keep from laughing and an expression of "how the heck did you manage that." I probably would have busted out laughing more than I did if the mothers hadn't been looking on with such concern. I'm so used to falling it usually ends up just be a source of humor for myself. After reassuring the mothers I was perfectly fine, and the actual fall was pretty gentle I did start to notice a little pain in my knee. Apparently I have real problems with stairs.

So if you're ever walking around with me and I happen to fall on my butt or worse, don't be worried about laughing, most likely I'll be joining you. I'm clumsy, it's a fact of life :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today was....

Today was gorgeous out!

I love that I can wear a light sweatshirt and feel so comfortable outside, as well as my favorite pair of aviators to block all the sun that was shining in my face (no complaints!) When I stepped outside today, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath (something I love to do this time of year), so I could smell the air. You know what I mean? It's a fresh smell of spring, like everything is clean and new. I listened to the birds chirp and made sure to enjoy the light breeze that was blowing through my hair. It was all very pleasing and I sincerely hope the weather stays like this!

When I woke up this morning, I really thought it was going to be a bad day. You know when the day starts out wrong, not even in a big way, but at that moment you think "oh snap, this can't lead to anything good." I set my alarm this morning for 8 am (the time my fall registration opened up) so I wouldn't miss any time signing up for the classes I needed/wanted, which totally did not work. I woke up at 10 and jumped out of bed in a dazed rush. Luckily the majority of the classes I needed were open and ready for me. The only problem came when I tried to sign up for two psychology requirements and it would not work online due to the fact that I'm currently taking my last psych prereq to declaring my major (child psychology). After which I found I couldn't visit my advisor until 11 (currently 10:20), so I decided to sit back, eat breakfast and relax. The classes were an easy fix and I'm happy things are working out. The only other problem came when I realized my schedule was basically locked in and any of the other electives I wanted to take were either closed or had time conflicts :(

I'm just happy things are moving forward and I'm taking one more step to graduating. I can't believe next year the majority of my friends will be graduating college and I'll be close behind. I hate that I'm behind, but I find this conclusive to the way the rest of my life has unfolded. Every one of my major life milestone has happened for the most part on a delay compared to most peoples. Getting my license, going to the casino, going off to college are just a few examples of what I mean. I've learned that being delayed is not always a bad thing and you should not spend time comparing the path of your life to those around you because everyone is different. In the end, when you do hit the milestone, it's usually something worth the wait.

- - -

The rest of my day was pretty low key. After lunch I went over to my aunts to do laundry and visit. We spent time discussing my plans for school, playing with the dog, and watching the Sleuth channel. Whenever I visit my aunts house Sleuth. If you're unaware of how awesome this channel is you should check out your local listing and tune in. If you love crime shows such as Criminal Minds, Law & Order, NCIS, Monk and others. They play episodes of JAG and it just reminds me of junior high when my family would sit and watch the show together. I was even able to have a nice phone chat with my great Grandma, who's in Florida right now. I miss her being in Kalamazoo with me!

After coming back to the dorm, I decided to hit the gym. I finally got my music loaded on my mom's iPod she graciously sent me the other day. I'm so happy to be able to listen to music again while working out. I even used this as an excuse to make myself run tonight. That's like the first time in over a week that I ran more than two laps! 

I ended up at the gym around 8:30, I don't know why but it felt so late. Usually I love going to the gym in the later hours, but tonight was just kind of blah. There weren't a whole lot of people to share the rec center with, which was an up, but at the same time when there's more people around I think I push myself harder. I only ran/walked a mile before stopping to hit the bike. I think it was just too late to run any farther. As I began my attempt at the second mile it was just too difficult for me to keep going and I didn't want to injure myself. My eyes seriously started blurring from tiredness and I almost tripped on my way to the drinking fountain. I'm sure it was a safe decision to stay on a stationary bike for the last 20 minutes and emerse myself in some Jersey Shore. 

The rest of my night was dedicated to relaxing, with some studying thrown in. Hope everyone had a nice Friday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Movie

I just saw a preview for a movie that was partly filmed around my home town, Traverse City. As much as I bitch about Michigan and wished I had grown up in a town with more diversity, or people in general, I can't deny my everlasting love for TC. It truly was an amazing place to grow up, I think my appreciation has just grown the further I get from it. I was lucky to have a beautiful lake a block from my house, the ability to walk downtown easily, a big green yard to play in, and friendly neighbors with kids my own age. My childhood consisted of playing dress up, dancing through my yard, games of pickle, trips to the Dairy Lodge, climbing on my swing set, and picking raspberries from our own plant.

Anyway, as I watched this movie trailer, I was able to pick out a few very familiar places and it just made me wish summer could come at a faster pace.

If you want to check out the movie for yourself (which I definitely would!)
here's the link------>

It looks like a winner!

Beautiful Pictures of TC!

This gorgeous sunset we witnessed over the summer out by the dunes. 

Stormy day by the pier. 

 Our slacklining trees.

A fall day walk. 

The State Hospital.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


All I want to do is bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE! 

Now that spring is in the air, I really wish I had my own bicycle to ride around on outside. Unfortunately, I never brought it down to school with me.

I bought my bike when I was 10 or 12 (I think? I can't really remember) with my very own money. I remember my parents told me I could have a bike if I payed for half of it by least I think it was half (wow this story is getting lamer by the second with all this guestimation going on). Anyway, it is purple and I was (and still am) in love with it. Later in life, when I met my now best friend Sam, we discovered that we owned matching bikes (another testament to our friendship)! Our joint love of purple never ceases to amaze me. As I've gotten older the bike has done me well, but at this point I'm getting a little big for it. The seat is up all the way and my knees are getting close to the handle bars, but I'm not ready (or don't actually have the funds) to invest in a new bike.

When I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to ride my bike across the United States, I hadn't actually ridden in well over a year. Due to my lack of motivation to ride and a knee injury I'd given up on the bike in the later years of high school, but I was definitely ready to ride again. The only problem is the minute I decided to postpone the trip till after I graduated college, was the minute I got lazy again and hardly ever road (even in the summer). Sometimes I don't know what I was thinking looking back and realizing how much time I missed being outside those years.

Since I don't have my own bike with me, I have to settle for the stationary bikes at the Student Rec Center. With the amount of pain in my shins and knees lately from running, I've really been taking advantage of the bikes. Hopefully, this will also help me train for my ultimate goal.

Today's workout was just over 10 miles that took me 45 minutes. I kept alternating from an easy resistance at levels 2 or 3 for a few minutes, to more challenging (for me) levels 5 or 6. I figure my body will constantly be thrown off if I keep changing it up, which helps keep my muscles awake (right?) Plus I was super bored without my iPod for entertainment.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the spring weather! Get out on a nice bike ride!


One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do I take?" she asked. "Where do you want to go?" was his response. "I don't know," Alice answered. "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
- Lewis Carroll

I came across this exert from Alice in Wonderland earlier and it reminded me of my own life. For me, college has been a constant struggle of decision making. One minute I know exactly what I want to do and where I want my life to go and the next it's all a jumble again. In my Modern Social Problems class today we watched this video from Target Women about Barbie, where they make fun of the multitude of careers Barbie has had. Think about it, she's been a doctor, a nurse, a flight attendant, and a fashion designer just to name a few. Clearly Barbie didn't have her life figured out either, but there's no way I'm following in her footsteps. I know that what I decide today, tomorrow, or even this year can be changed in the future and that a degree in general should be my goal.
Unlike Barbie, we all don't have a million different chances. The path that we choose, whether we know now which one we want or not, will greatly effect the direction of our future. All I know currently, is that where ever I end up, I want to help people. I want to make an impact on the world and strive to better people and society. I want to travel and experience cultures that are vastly different than my own; and I think all of these are goals in which every college student (or really people in general) strives to achieve in their lifetime. 

I guess in reality whatever path we choose, we all end up in the same place anyway.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Goals of the Week

First lets take a look at last weeks goal list and see how much I accomplished.

Last weeks goals were:

  • Continue to study for my Race, Biology, and Cultures exam   : I'm pretty sure I nailed this!
  • Go to the store for milk and yogurt.....maybe : this is half checked because all I got was the milk from Speedway
  • Yoga : didn't go, I don't remember what we did that night, but there was some time interference
  • Visit the art counselor to discuss my minor requirements : FAIL
  • Visit the psychology counselor to discuss my major requirements and my schedule for next year  : this was a big help. GO ME!
  • Figure out how to get registered for the Statistics class I need to take at NMC this summer : another success.....I just wish it wasn't 4 days a week for 3 hours IN THE SUMMER
  • Run : I could kind of cross this out because I ran a few laps here and there, but I'm not actually going to count that as a run
  • Stress out about life decisions that I hate making  : that's a check

This weeks goals are:
  • Do all my textbook readings (art history/child psychology/RBC/Human Sexuality)
  • Read more of "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" for fun
  • Visit the art counselor to discuss my minor requirements
  • Sign up for fall classes
  • Go to at least one aerobics class
  • Get in 5 + days of workout
  • Go to Meijer for groceries
  • Do laundry
  • Figure out my printer
  • Finish catching up with my online class as well as finishing this weeks discussion
  • Run a total of 4-5 miles (excluding laps I may walk in between)
I've got some serious goals for this week and pretty much can't slack on any of them.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lent: FAIL


I failed at lent this weekend. Last night I got Taco Bell, which may not be burgers and fries, but is most definitely a form of fast food, and today I drank a coke with my lunch.

Not only did I cheat on one part of lent but on both of the things I tried to give up.

I'm going to go back and try to keep trying at this, but for my health and not for lent (which really was what it was for in the first part).

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweaty Saturday

Today was a great day to head to the gym. Last night Corie and I discussed going to an aerobics class or maybe try spinning (both at noon), but after waking up all I wanted to do was just work out on the elliptical. Corie said she'd still come with me and we headed to the gym at 12:30.

It's gray skies and really windy outside today so hitting the gym definitely helped my mood. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who's mood and energy level greatly depends on the weather. 
Sun = Happy, energetic Sarah

I even remembered to bring my water bottle today!

We started out with one walking and one running lap around the indoor track, then moved on to the stationary bikes for 20 minutes.....
I started at 3 for the first 10 minutes then alternated with two minutes at level 6/two-three minutes back at level 3
Next we went on the elliptical, where Corie did 10 and I did 15 minutes.
We finished the workout up with a good stretch and I put in a few crunches.

Overall it felt great and now I feel like I can focus......
right after I take a shower because I'm drenched!

I seriously can't believe how sweaty I got today......gross, but good I guess. I like to judge how well my workout went and how hard I really tried by how much sweat I produce. I'm just glad I had my water bottle with me today, I have been drinking so much water lately :) I guess that's what happens when you give up drinking pop, you start filling your body with what it actually needs.

How's everyone else doing with their dedication to lent?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Songs in My Head

I hate when you listen to a song and you immediately have to listen to it again. It could be an old one you overlooked before or a brand new song, but all you want to do is have the song on repeat. A few days ago it was the song Nicest Thing by Kate Nash, and now it's Disgusting by Ke$ha. It's just been stuck in my head and haven't been able to stop humming it.

I'm not the biggest Ke$ha fan, and there are really only a few songs of her's that I like. It's really annoying that I can't even listen to this on my iPod because it's been so messed up lately.

I went to the gym last night and ran/walked 6 laps then got on the elliptical. The same thing happened tonight, I walked a lap, ran one, walked, ran, and walked another till I just stopped and got on one of the stationary bikes. I have not been feeling the running lately. I don't know if it's the fact that I have to listen to the exact same songs now because I can't skip through my workout playlist, that my shins start to feel like someone kicked them after a few laps, that I have to constantly run around in the same area for such a long time, or maybe it's that I'm just lazy. Whatever it is, it's really annoying and I hope it stops. I need to start getting some distance so I don't fail in my 10 K at the end of May. I know once I get back to running a full mile I'll be fine, but I have this major block right now telling me I can't do it. I just need to get angry enough to push through the ache. Usually that's how I get through things, especially exercise challenges, focus on everything that is stressing me out and channel all my frustration.

Don't get me wrong, I have done pretty well with getting a workout in still. Like I said I went on the elliptical last night for 40 minutes at a 7 incline, and tonight I was on the bike for 45 minutes at resistances between 2 and 5. I've really been trying to get 4 days of cardio in per week.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Giving it up

Today is the start of lent, and although I'm not Catholic, I like to get in on the action by finding something to give up during this time. In years past I've given up oreos  (actually for a few years in a row....although I failed the second time), pop, and fast food. When I gave up pop in high school I learned to live without it and soon realized I didn't even like pop in the first place. The same thing happened with fast food, and up until after I graduated the only thing I would purchase there were drinks. I went through this really long time where I was completely disgusted with fast food restaurants and would want to throw up upon entering one.
Some how now, I've gotten back in to eating at McDonald's and Burger King again without concern and drinking as much pop as I want. Both of these changes make me angry and disappointed in myself. Not only are these unhealthy, unnecessary choices, but I still don't particularly like the taste of either of them.

That's why this year I decided to give up both, in hopes that my body and mind will realize how unworthy fast food and pop is for my survival. Does that mean that I won't get shamrock shakes... YEAH RIGHT! Those aren't going anywhere (probably what I really should be giving up).

So bye bye for the next 40 days fast food and pop, hopefully you'll be gone for good.

And I just want to point out that I these are things I do eat and drink often and love(at the moment) so this will be no easy task for me.

RIP Mountain Dew addiction.

you will be missed.

"One should eat to live, not live to eat." - Benjamin Franklin

Quick Note: I was looking up who actually said this and was really surprised it was Ben Franklin, I just wasn't expecting it.

Do you participate in lent? If so, what are you giving up this year?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was catching up on all my blogs today and noticed that both Emily from the Daily Garnish and Gina from Fitnessista had done this ABC's of themselves, so I thought I'd give it a go.

Here's the ABC's of Sarah :)

I miss my family when I'm away!

A. Age: 20....on the 4 month countdown to being 21
B. Bed size: Twin lofted bed at school, comfy because of the amazing memory foam I have on it, but my bed at my house is a queen....I like to sprawl out at night (pleasantly surprised I haven't fallen off the loft in the middle of the night yet)
C. Chore you dislike: Oh geez.... I would say washing dishes, but as I've told you before vacuuming probably wins as the worst thing in the world for me. Not that it's hard to do, I just can't stand the sound.
D. Dogs: None :( I have a cat though, his name is Linis......he's part siamese, part devil (somehow I love him anyway)
E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast. Not only my favorite meal of the day, but essential for me not to feel sick the rest of the day.
F. Favorite color:  Purple. When I was young I told my parents as long as it was purple I'd buy anything....including a car. Exact quotes would have been, "I'd buy a truck as long as it is purple."
G. Gold or silver:  I wear more silver, but I think it just depends on the occasion.
H. Height:  In the last few years I've either been 5 foot, 2 and 3/4 inches or 5 foot, 3 inches. Personally I like to tell people the later ;)
I. Instruments you play(ed):  Clarinet. I played for 3(?) years I think, starting in elementary school and continued till after 7th grade.
J. Job title:  Student. I need a job so if anyone knows of something open...
K. Kids: Thankfully not yet. Maybe one day....although I'm totally creeped out by pregnancy so I might just adopt.
L. Live:  Kalamazoo, Michigan at WMU currently. The whole rest of my life I've lived in the same house (except for a brief time when our house was being worked on and we lived with my Gparents) in Traverse City, Michigan.
M. Mom’s name:  Jane
N. Nicknames:  Kloo, S, Kloosterhoff, Orchada (by my best friend Chelsea)
O. Overnight hospital stays:  I could write it all out, but I won't put you through that. A few nights here and there when I was a child, tonsils removed and whatnot. A little over a week after my jaw surgery summer of 2008 and almost 2 weeks when it got infected after a month.
P. Pet peeves:  Someone putting my stuff away or moving it so I can't find anything....I can't think of all the other things at the moment.
Q. Quote from a movie: "I do wish we could chat longer, but.... I'm having an old friend for dinner. Bye."
R. Righty or lefty: Righty
S. Siblings:  one and only brother, Taylor (24).
T. Time you wake up:  It depends on the day. Usually I set my alarm for 6:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 7:15 for Mondays and Wednesdays. Most of the time I wake up around 10 naturally.
U. Underwear:  Yes, I wear underwear (if that's the question). Most of mine are from Vicky's or American Eagle.
V. Vegetables you dont’ like:  I can't think of anything I really dislike....if mushrooms were a veggie I'd probably say that, but I don't hate them.
W. What makes you run late: Doesn't everyone run late? It's usually because I'm playing around on my computer and not getting ready....woops.
X. X-rays you’ve had:  Plethera....chest, back, hips, legs, feet, knees, arms.....year, after year, after year up until the end of high school.
Y. Yummy food you make:  I haven't had a chance to cook/bake a lot in the past but I can't wait to test out my skills next year when I live in the apartment. My mom and I just put together an amazing pesto/chicken/mozzarella/tomato/onion pizza last week when I was home. Delicious. Either that or chocolate chip cookies :)
Z. Zoo animal favorites:  Tough one. It's a three way tie between an elephant, hippopotamus, or turtle.

Any surprises?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to the Zoo

Spring Break is over and I drove back last night with my cousin Josh. That week and a half went by WAY too fast! Last night I spent about 3 hours trying to figure out how to get the school's antivirus on my new computer so I could use the ethernet in my room with no luck. Every time I tried it an error message would pop up at the end saying the installation didn't work. I don't even remember how many times I tried it and was so frustrated. Finally I just gave up and decided to just go study, but I studied for my exam that I thought was this morning, but it ends up it's on Wednesday......great. Plus it took away from the studying I should have done this morning for my Art History exam that was actually today and I'm pretty sure I failed :( I hate when you get out of a test and you already know it didn't go well....I swear I did study though, just not enough apparently. That's what I get for trying to relax while on my vacation.

Other than the academic downfalls, my day hasn't been that bad. It was so nice and sunny in Kalamazoo today. The snow graciously melted away while I was gone so I didn't even have to wear my UGGs today and it was just warm enough to feel comfortable walking to class. I stopped this morning at the Help Desk for my computer and the guy had to install a totally different antivirus because he couldn't get the other one to work either. That made me feel a little bit more confident in my technological intelligence because I was greatly confused as to why I couldn't get it to work last night.

Now I just have to get some more of my online discussions done for my Human Sexuality class and I can relax for a while. I need to make sure I don't miss Pretty Little Liars tonight like I always do. I would go to the gym tonight but my leg is still really sore from where I had a mole removed last week. I have a feeling this week is going to be pretty busy and stressful, so I'm thinking a few trips to the gym will be just the thing to keep myself on track.

Stuff that needs to get done this week.....

  • Continue studying for my Race, Biology, and Cultures exam
  • Go to the store for milk and yogurt.....maybe some carrots
  • Yoga
  • Visit the art counselor to discuss my minor requirements
  • Visit the psychology counselor to discuss my major requirements and my schedule for next year
  • Figure out how to get registered for the Statistics class I need to take at NMC this summer
  • Run
  • Stress out about life decisions that I hate making
Should be interesting with getting so close to registration for next year.....ughhhh 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Wednesday Already?

For real? did hump day come so soon? This Spring Break has gone by so fast!

I've been so bored the last few days, no one is home, Ari is sick, Sandy's been's good to be home (don't get me wrong) but I'd like it a bit better with a little more action.

I do have to let you in on the best part of my week :) I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! A shiny new 13 inch MacBook Pro. It's so pretty and new and so much nicer than my Gateway.....although figuring out the mac operating system was a bit of a challenge at first, I'm getting used to it. And the  trackpad(?!)....I mean I know I can change it, but I still get things messed up when I try to scroll with one finger and lets not even get into how long it took me to figure out that i had to use two fingers to right click. I finally got most of my music and documents on yesterday, which is good because the whole reason I had to have a new computer so fast was so I could get my school work done. I've been plugging away today trying to catch up with my online class.....stressed.
I am sad though about having to perfect my new iTunes library. My old one was so nice and organized and set up to perfection as I carefully worked my way though listening to every song (now I have to start all again!) Oh well, the world goes on.....I'm just a freak about my music (I have problems).

On a different, less exciting note, I went on the treadmill yesterday. I was on there for a little over half and hour and kept interchanging between running and walking. I really worked on keeping my walking  speed up in between my running spurts.....something I'm always failing at when I do run. I'm always really bad at working out when I come home too, I become a couch potato and spend my whole day watching old seasons of random TV shows. Over Christmas I watched lots of Dawson's Creek (childhood? you bet ya), and my brother started me on Doctor Who (which I'd been wanting to watch for a long time, but never found the time or knew where to start). PS I started with the 2005 series......and now I'm on season 4, and can I just put one thing out there......


He's just so perfect in this role :) I want to time travel in a wooden box with this man!

And I know what all my friends are we go again....Sarah and her guy craziness. Sadly it seems that no matter whether it's television, music, sports,'s always better when there's an attractive man I can crush on. I declare a new actor that I love almost every week :)

But really though, David Tennant's take on the role is perfect.

The past day or so I began re-watching Felicity.


So good....and relevant to my life at the moment. The 90's wardrobes are cracking me up.....oh childhood, and the fact that Felicity is basically Ben's stalker in the beginning (how did she get away with that?!). I just want my life to be a mixture of Felicity and Sex and the in NYC going to college, being torn between different guys, amazing fashion.....all that good stuff. If only life were like a TV drama.
The way Felicity over analyzes Ben's every move is just like me.....and probably every other girl on the planet (what's our problems?). But sometimes I cringe watching this show.....when she does stuff, on occasion I just want to scream...."run away", "don't just stand there and stare!", and "seriously girl, stop your" Felicity seems to have a knack for telling people things most normal people in real life situations wouldn't actually say, even when they were thinking when she tells Ben she followed him there......seriously woman?

Does anyone else like re-watching old shows on their down time? And if you watched Felicity, what do you think of her character?

Well, I'm out, to go eat Qdoba with my family....Hope everyone else has a wonderful night.