Saturday, November 13, 2010

Game Day!

Today was a game day at Western Michigan University (against Eastern Michigan)........meaning lots of Paint It Black game day shirts, key jingling, tailgating, and Bronco Fun! Any day that football is involved there's bound to be some great moments. It's always nice going to a school where sports are free with a student ID :) The game began at 2 pm and it was student appreciation Corie and I left early. They were passing out free WMU beanies, raffle tickets, and a pop, chips, and hotdog package at the concession stand.

Corie and I in the stands before the game started

photo credit to Corie Ringe

Waiting for the players to run on to the field (look at the kids face near the bottom left lol)

photo credit to Corie Ringe

Within the first 2 minutes of the game we had scored a touchdown and were off to a strong start.....I even made a comment that the game was going to be boring because we were obviously going to win. By the end of the first quarter I was forced to eat my words as EMU had begun to fight back. The game ended up being a lot closer than I thought (luckily we still won!) Game ended at 45-30.


Half time- honoring the troops for Veterans day this past week :)

again photo credits to Corie Ringe

The Weather: When I first checked the weather today it was supposed to be 60 degrees with a 40% chance of rain in the afternoon. I was praying it wouldn't rain and if there had to be precipitation it would only sprinkle. When Corie and I first got to Waldo Stadium it was sunny and I was burning up in my north face jacket. As the game went on the clouds came, it began to sprinkle on and off, and there was an obvious drop in temperature. It started to actually rain right at the end of the third quarter and we decided it was time to book it back to our dorm (literally I had to run to keep up with Corie, she's was on the move).

Funny Kid: There was this hilarious kid in the student section who was all over the place today. Corie and I could not stop laughing as he began to scream and punch his fist. flailing around at what was kind of a bad play. The game had continued though and the kid was still going at it.....some times you just have to lets stuff go. I felt bad for his obviously embarrassed girlfriend who was trying to calm him down as everyone was beginning to notice his crazy outburst. On top of that, at halftime, the guy starts busting out his moves to the song "Jai Ho" while the marching band was playing. You have to watch out for those entertaining people on game day whether it be alcohol induced or least he gave us all a good laugh.

Now I just got back from dinner with Corie and Nichole....we went to Panera Bread.....yum yum! They still have the white cheddar Mac n Cheese (my favorite fall meal), but when I ordered the Pumpkin Spice Latte the girl said they were all out....sad because I personally think their Pumpkin Spice Latte's are better than Starbucks....for real. I'm spending the rest of my night watching the Harry Potter movies on ABC Family and trying to start my homework......I mean I WILL start my homework ;)

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