Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cross training and Surprise visits :)

Today started off like any other day.... ate, went to class, but before aerobics I got a call from my cousin Ari. Her message literally made me jump up and down in excitement. Ari and my aunt Deb had been on a tour of Grand Valley State University today and called to ask if I wanted to go to dinner with them and my cousin Josh tonight......OF COURSE! How could I pass up a whole night with some of my favorite extended family members and a non cafeteria meal. After my last class of the day, deductive logics (ugh), I gave them a quick tour of my dorm room and we peeled out. We were originally supposed to meet at "Texas Longhorn Steakhouse".....aka non existent restaurant. My cousin Josh told us it was across from Target but when we got there all we saw was Texas Corral, which my aunt Deb insisted "screamed e coli"......frankly I was with her on that one, so we hit up TGI Fridays instead.
Yum Yum Yum......finally a burger in my stomach.....I haven't had a burger from the cafe yet because they all look like tiny frisbee's (hard and cold).

Overall it was a great night, I haven't laughed that hard in forever! I love my family and miss them so much, but am very thankful for surprise dinner visits. Thanks so much aunt Deb for dinner and the apple cider ;)

Here's some older pics of me and Ariana Joy

Ari and I at Christmas time a few years ago

We're Besties!!!

Even Older picture of all the women in Arizona for my cousin Aubry's Wedding

And this is my crazy cousin now a days :) LOVE YOU!

On a much more boring note today was a cross training day. We haven't been doing a lot of actual working out in my aerobics class lately so I've had to mix it up and find time after class to stay and work out. Today I went for the elliptical. I figured it would be more weight baring testing my shin's strength but not as much force as running. It was a short workout in between classes, but it still made me feel like I did something good for myself today. I only went two miles and 25 minutes, but I honestly didn't have time for much more.

Tomorrow goals-

  • run 
  • turn in my art application
  • look over the apartment lease
  • eat salad and drink at least three glasses of water
  • vacuum my floor 

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