Saturday, November 13, 2010

Healthy Goals

Yesterday I was having coffee with my friend Taylor and a few of her friends......I had a blast and it was great meeting everyone. Getting the scoop on the dance/art world at Western outside my Hoekje Hall bubble is always a joy. Hearing about dance definitely made me miss it a lot though and I realized how truly unhappy not dancing makes me at times. Add in the fact that I've been feeling so unhealthy and sluggish lately, I just feel so uncomfortable in my body. It's definitely reached the point that setting up a workout goal isn't enough, I need a bigger lifestyle change.

My Heath Goals:
  1. Add in my greens- I haven't had veggies in probably a week because nothing at the cafe has looked good enough to eat
  2. Drink more WATER!
  3. Quit the bubbly- I used to never drink pop and I don't know why I started again
  4. Stop late night snacking.....the worst in college 
  5. At least one whole fruit a day if not more- banana, orange, apple (I love fruit so this won't be hard)
  6. Be more conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth
  7. Get in at least 3 aerobic exercises weekly

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