Monday, January 31, 2011

Zumba Madness and Red Carpet Awards

I don't know if this is due to the usual January fitness boost or if that many people around campus have really joined the movement, but there was a line as long as Disney World rides waiting to get into class last night. Corie and I were all excited to get back into Zumba for the semester, seeing as the last couple of weeks we've missed our usual Sunday night exercise, but when we turned the corner for the aerobics room we suddenly realized we were no longer alone. Last semester there were 40 maybe (?) people who would show up for Zumba.... probably less on a usual basis. The waiting crowd was a let down and we decided we didn't want to be packed in like cattle with no place to move. Knowing from previous dance classes that an overcrowded classroom can lead to kicks in the face and elbows to the nose, I didn't feel like chancing it.

We were both really bummed, but hoping that tonights class might have fewer people. Or at least I hope that week day classes will attract a smaller crowd.

Instead of just leaving last night, I challenged Corie to stay and workout on the equipment upstairs. She mentioned biking, so I ran a few warm up laps and we hopped on the bikes. We peddled for 11 minutes then Corie decided she wanted to try out the ellipticals (I need to drag her along with me more often) and we used those for 10 minutes. It was short but sweaty!

After the workout, I sat down to finish some online quizzes and watch the SAG awards. I love watching award shows, but my favorite part has always been the red carpet.

Here's my personal favorites from last night.....

Love Natalie Portman....and her cute baby bump ( I hope I look that good when I'm preggers) much better than her golden globs look

Another one of my all time favorite actresses. I think she always nails it fashion wise!

I was not expecting this from Tina Fey, but really I've never been super disappointed by anything she's worn.

Did you watch the SAG awards last night? Who do you think dressed best?

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