Thursday, January 20, 2011

Start Me Up

"If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop"

The first song on my workout playlist is Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones and it works every time. It's just enough push to make me "never stop, never stop, never stop." Yes, I finally went running!!! After my earlier post I knew I couldn't let myself down again by not going. Step one is complete and I'm officially back on track. I realized today that getting back into running is no easy task, and I've definitely lost a lot of the stamina I had gained before. I was out of breathe before even my 2nd lap and my stride was no longer second nature. When you start running on a regular basis you get to where your muscles do their thing and you no longer have to think about moving, your body just does. It's exactly like when I'm dancing. My arm moves and without having to think my body rebounds into another move....everything works in harmony. I love the feeling of my legs moving through space and breaking through the air around me; my heart racing, and the feel of my muscles working (after years of dance, you learn to become very aware of every muscle in your body). When I'm working out it's like the world stands still for once, and my mind quiets. 

When I got to the rec center, I immediately noticed the brand new surface on the track. I have no idea what it is, but I'm thinking it was some sort of rubbery substance....much better than running on concrete. I was only planning on doing 2 miles, but ended up pushing for 3.  When I say I went running, it wasn't for very long before I stopped to I said, no more stamina :( But that doesn't mean I didn't push myself at all.

Here's the breakdown

Mile 1
  • Laps 1-2 = walk
  • Laps 3-5 = run
  • Lap 6 = walk
  • Lap 7 = run
  • Lap 8 = walk
  • Lap 9 = run
Mile 2
  • Laps 1-2 = walk
  • Lap 3 = run
  • Lap 4 = walk
  • Laps 5-7 = run
  • Lap 8 = walk
  • Lap 9 = run
Mile 3
  • Laps 1-3 = walk
  • Lap 4 = run
  • Lap 5 = walk
  • Lap 6 = run
  • Laps 7-9 = walk
That's a total of 12 laps running and 15 laps walking. It took me 45 minutes total. I feel like I'm back at the beginning, but you have to start somewhere right?

Oh and I loved my new running pants (that I finally got to use)! I was worried about wearing pants in the hot rec but they actually kept me quite cool and warm at the same time.....if that makes sense? And my new ipod armband worked out quite nicely.

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