Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Haircut!

When I came home for Thanksgiving I was determined to get my hair cut, but it never ended up happening. So the task became the first item on my list of things to get done while I was home for winter break (and it still almost didn't happen). Everything was so busy during the holidays that calling for a haircut kept getting put off. Before I knew it I had one week left at home and was worried Sara would already be booked up.....luckily she had an opening.

During the last part of high school I cut my hair in a really short (for me) bob

I loved it even more after it grew out a bit....like in this picture.

I'd been thinking for a long time that I just wanted to chop all my hair off again, it's gotten so long and I was getting sick of dealing with it, but at the same time it was nice to be able to actually do my hair in different ways and have options for variety other than changing headbands. I wanted my new hair cut to be noticeable and different, but still be long for now. Last time I asked for something different but still long the girl just gave me a trim and no one knew I had cut my hair.

Which leads me to my decision.......bangs and layers.....but mostly bangs :) I walked out of Pavlova today with a smile on my face and a new confidence that comes with any nice physical change.

Before......don't I just look sick of this?

And after......soooo happy!!!!!

Hope you all like it as much as I do.
Anyone else get their hair cut for the new year?


  1. Super cute! And I think it's the sickness talking but I am glad you did the no smile/smile thing to add emphasis :)

  2. the sickness talking? oh girl....are you feeling better at all? Thanks by the way!