Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've been a little off the scale lately with my exercise. I started this blog as a way to stick to my running goals and help motivate me, but ever since I went home for break I let exercising fall behind. Yes I did try (and kinda fail) running outside with Sam, and walking on the treadmill. But treadmills are boring and Michigan winters aren't exactly great for outdoor running. I feel like I'm just making excuses for something that has been bugging me, because making a choice to be healthy and active is easier said than done.

But I'm back at Western and the Student Rec Center is back in walking distance, with it's fancy work out equipment and wonderful indoor track. I am signed up for the Bay Shore 10K and am working on my official training schedule right now (Hopefully I'll have time to put it up tomorrow). I keep checking every day to see when more information on this years Chicago Marathon will come out.....hopefully soon.

I also bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred from Target before I left home.

 Reading from other blogs and talking to other people, I hear great things about her workout videos. I'm normally not a big fan of workout videos because I get distracted at home and find it hard to stick to them. I like to switch up my workouts a lot and am worried about having to do the same thing for 30 days. Plus if I'm running I might not do the video everyday. I guess I'll just try to fit it into my training schedule and see what happens. I don't want to overwork myself.

Also, for those interesting in buying the video and trying it for yourself, make sure you have a set of hand weights. I can't believe weights aren't mentioned in the video description because apparently there's a whole section of weight training. I didn't have a set of hand weights hanging around and luckily a friend told me you needed some. I bought a set of 5 pounders for cheap at TJ Maxx (man I love that store). I'm just a little worried 5 pounds might be too much. Everyone says the workouts are challenging, and I will definitely be starting with level 1. One lady was telling me how she used 10 pound weights (she teaches aerobics on a regular basis) and her husband and his friend could only use 5 pounds.....yeah that sounds intense.

Has anyone else had luck with Jillian Michael's videos? Or know of any other good workout videos they would love to share?

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