Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Typical Thursday...

My new schedule this semester is a love hate relationship. In one sense I love getting my classes over with in the morning and having the rest of the day to do whatever, but in the other sense I hate waking up at 6:30 and 7:30 every day... or Monday through Thursday really.

Last Semesters Schedule

Literary Classics- Monday and Wednesday from 12-1:50
Social Psychology- Monday and Wednesday from 2-3:15
Health Lecture - Monday from 6-6:30
Aerobics- Tuesday and Thursday from 2-2:50
Deductive Logics- Tuesday and Thursday from 4-4:50
Deductive Logics Lab- Thursday from 7-7:50

Pros- never had to worry about sleeping through class or setting an alarm
Cons- sporadic, night classes ughhhh

Spring Semester Schedule

Race, Biology, and Culture- Monday and Wednesday from 9-9:50
Art History, Section 2- Monday and Wednesday from 2-3:15
R,B, and C Discussion- Wednesday from 11-11:50
Modern Social Problems- Tuesday and Thursday from 8-9:15
Child Psychology- Tuesday and Thursday from 11-12:15
Human Sexuality- Online

Morning versus afternoon.....the great debate.
When I was at home working it wasn't a big deal to schedule morning classes so I could just head to work after, but last semester spoiled me. I haven't slept well all week with the anxiety of possibly sleeping through my alarm or hitting the snooze too many times. At home I constantly relied on my parents to wake me up......yes even in college. Actually for the first few days of the week I asked if my mom would call me in the mornings to see if I had woken up. I also decided to set two alarms, which worked really well. I set my normal alarm on my alarm clock up by my head and I set my alarm on my phone and left it down by my TV in order to force me to climb down from my bed and turn it off. I'm just happy my first week back is coming to a close and I can sleep in tomorrow morning.

The only good thing about this semester is being able to relax for the rest of the day after classes are done. I got back from Child Psychology and plopped down in my green chair for a little relaxation. It's hard for me to take naps, so I just decided to catch up on the episodes of Bones I've missed recently. Bones is one of my favorite shows, the Booth/Brennan dynamic is amazing.


I love watching Booth kick butt and Bones with her socially awkward tendencies.
I greatly miss Zach Addy,


but grateful that Hodgens and Angela are finally a happy couple again :)


and you can't forget the wonderful Doctor Sweets. (aka Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks!) Always trying to figure out Booth and Bones. Quirky, but pretty much the cutest thing ever!


Not to mention all the amazing cases they solve (personal recommendation, don't watch this while you're eating). There was a really long time that I wanted to be a forensic scientist. In 9th grade when we had to research the jobs we wanted in our future that's what I chose. Later on I decided I wanted to specialize in DNA analysis until I realized how lazy I am and how hard that would be.....welcome to my underachieving life. From there I went on to many other random jobs, until finally returning to forensic psychology (Sweet's job), forensic anthropology (Brennan's job), and forensic reconstruction or facial reconstruction (Angela's job). I thought for a really long time about facial reconstruction. It still amazes me the images that can be drawn using only the underlying structures. I'm a big anatomy freak and love art, so it seems like the perfect job. Maybe some day I'll stumble upon the job such as Angela's character did on Bones, but as for now I'll stick with helping people who are still alive.

I had yummy left over chili from home for lunch today and a slightly soggy bowl of cereal for dinner :) Today's my last day of antibiotics and one week until I can eat normally again. I took the time to switch my meal plan from unlimited to 10. For those of you who don't speak college terms, I used to be able to swipe into the cafeteria however many times I wanted during a week, but now I can only go 10 times per week. Switching meal plans saved me roughly $300. Last semester I realized I hardly ever went to the cafe on the weekends and would occasionally skip lunch or dinner during the week. Why pay so much for food that isn't all that appetizing and doesn't give you any sort of nutrition. I'd much rather buy my own foods that I love, than go to the cafeteria all the time. Hopefully I'll be able to handle all the dirty dishes I'll have to clean this semester. I also need to find some good, easy recipes for the microwave.

Now I'm ending the day with a nice shower and some more Bones!


Happy Thursday!

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