Friday, January 7, 2011

10 things....part 3

10 Things that make the day after surgery better.....

  1. Being able to eat again.....too bad I'm banned to "soft foods"(which in reality is fine because soup, pasta, and home made mashed potatoes are all good)
  2. Sprite/Ginger Ale......always soothing on the sore throat and stomach 
  3. Shower......getting clean always makes you feel better and fresher
  4. Favorite movies or TV shows on DVD or Blue Ray......always a nice distraction (like Doctor Who for example)
  5. Naps.....helps your body heal and you wake up feeling instantly better than before
  6. Staying in your PJ's....keep comfy and relaxed
  7. Becoming a fixture on your need to leave the house
  8. Medication.....of course you'll be in some amount of pain so keeping up on your medication is key to staying comfortable throughout the day
  9. Ice cream/ and soothing for a soar throat (such as mine....I don't think I've ever had it this bad, don't know why)
  10. Online shopping.....this is a good time to shop from your couch, retail therapy always makes me feel better


  1. I'm glad your surgery went well... and yes, online shopping is the best!

  2. feel better! i distinctly remember drinking many frappuccinos when i got my wisdom teeth out (nearly a decade ago!). it was the silver lining in the painful cloud!

    the meds can be nice, too :)