Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tomorrow is Another Step

For those of you who know me well, you already know about all my past surgeries and steps I've gone through for a better life and a better mouth. 2010 was supposed to bring the end, but of course something had to go always does. I'm so thankful that the one implant that decided to fail (twice) was the single lonely one on the left side of my mouth. Teeth are such a pain....ughhh. The doctor's told me last time that an implant failure almost never happens twice....guess i'm a lucky exception. This past spring they were able to do the procedure right in the office, but my doctor wants to do actual surgery this time and take a better look around. One of the things I hate most about surgery is being put out. It's nice to not remember anything and for it to be totally painless, but I usually get sick from the anesthesia :( Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow and they are able to figure out the problem. I can only hope this will all be over before I know it. 

How is everyone else spending their last days before the semester begins again? 

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