Saturday, April 9, 2011

You Sent Me Smelt?!

My father informed me last weekend that I'd be missing out on the local Smelt Dinner that he and my grandma would be attending this year. I think I've only gone one year in the past and that was before I even learned to appreciate fish. My brother and his best friend Jake dissected their smelt and my mom, who hates fish, was reluctantly dragged along on the family outing.

A few days ago my dad let me know I'd be getting a package in the mail sometime this weekend and to make sure I got it as soon as possible. This made me curious.....very curious. What in the world would he be sending me now? So when I finally found a package slip in my mailbox today after coming back from my 3 mile run (!), I couldn't wait to open it up. I had to cut my way through layers of tape and finally was able to see a letter inside. My dad wrote me a wonderful letter of the coming of spring and some end of the year encouragement, in which he mentioned that he sent me.....smelt?! WTF? That's when I realize there was no way he would actually send me smelt so I began to dig through the box of packing peanuts to find 3 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (aka the smelt). YUM!

(Please excuse how crappy I look in this picture seeing as I did just get back from a vigorous exercise) 


- - -
Now onto my run :)

I am a happy, endorphine enhanced person right now because this is (kinda sadly) the longest run I've done in probably a month, or more. I made it with the help of my little friend, athletic tape. I used to tape my left knee all the time after I dislocated it and had some left over that I brought to school with me in case of emergencies. Since my right knee has been bugging me so much I figured I'd test it out for todays run and see if it made a difference....and it totally did. No stopping because me knee was about to give out, no pain shooting down my shin, and no wabbly legs. Everything was aligned and strong, perfect for keeping me going. Although I did get a little light headed today (I keep getting this while I'm running) and can't figure out why. Loss of electrolytes maybe? If anyone has an idea, let me know. 

So here's the mile breakdown:

Mile 1:
  • Laps 1-2 warm up walk
  • Laps 3-4 run
  • Lap 5 walk
  • Lap 6-7 run
  • Lap 8 walk
  • Lap 9 run
Mile 2:
  • Lap 1 run
  • Lap 2 walk
  • Lap 3-4 run
  • Lap 5 walk
  • Lap 6-7 run
  • Lap 8 walk
  • Lap 9 run
Mile 3:
  • Lap 1 walk
  • Lap 2 run
  • Lap 3 walk
  • Lap 4 run
  • Lap 5 walk
  • Lap 6 run
  • Lap 7 walk
  • Lap 8 run
  • Lap 9 walk
Total running laps: 15
Total walking laps: 12

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