Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Run

Because I didn't want the last post to be any longer I thought I'd dedicate a separate post to my running efforts of the day. I wouldn't say it was a complete failure..... just wasn't exactly what I set out to accomplish for the night. On my way to the gym I realized I forgot to tape my knee (big mistake!) and inadvertently decided to just go on the elliptical tonight. That is until I got to the gym and realized that none of the machines were open because of the crowd of people there tonight. So oh well, I was stuck running, but I probably should have known at that point my body was already saying no. There was lost of walking tonight, as well as pain.....I now know why people find the alignment of joints so important. It really does make all the difference.

Mile 1:

  • Laps 1-2 warm up
  • Laps 3-4 run
  • Lap 5 walk
  • Laps 6-7 run
  • Lap 8-9 walk
Mile 2:

  • Lap 1 run
  • Laps 2-4 walk
  • Lap 5 run
  • Lap 6 walk
  • Lap 7 run
  • Lap 8 walk
  • Lap 9 run
Mile 3:

  • Lap 1 walk
  • Lap 2 run
  • Laps 3-4 walk
  • Laps 5 run
  • Lap 6 walk
  • Lap 7 run
  • Lap 8-9 walk


  1. Yay for running today!

    I still think you should try a run outside because of this beautiful weather :). It really makes things more fun and wayyy less boring!

    And I wish we had a 5k to run before Bayshore!!

  2. Me too, I'm getting slightly worried at my lack of actual running and the skimpy miles I've been logging. I will try an outside run, hopefully this weekend if the weather is good.