Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day with their families :) I was able to grab brunch this morning with my Aunt, Arloa and Great Grandma....Cracker Barrel. YUM!


I didn't even get to dye some eggs this year (honestly I haven't in probably 5 or more years). But if I were going to those are some sweet egg designs.

It's high 50's here today and partly cloudy with the sun shining on occasion. I even got to wear a comfy dress today with a sweater and was perfectly comfortable outside. Very nice Easter weather, that is if I were able to go outside instead of being stuck here studying (3 more days!)

I'm wearing a bandana today to honor my friend Joe, who passed away a year ago today.
Thinking about him and his family today. Miss him and he will never be forgotten.

Lots of love and peace my friend. Studying with some Zeppelin today ;)

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