Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Lap at a Time

I have been building up mileage literally one lap at a time. Lately, I've run when I've wanted to run.....which is like never. So I have only been hitting the track seriously for about 1 to 2 times a week. Other times I go to the gym with the intention of running but only make it about 5 or so laps before calling it quits for the stationary bike or elliptical.

I try to split up my runs into 2 different types.

Type 1: See how many laps I can run in a row before stopping to walk. Once I reach a new number I am not allowed to run anything less than that any time after. These are usually short runs (for now), ending after 1 or 1 and a half miles.
Type 2: Running/ walking where I don't allow myself to run more than 3 laps at a time in order, before stopping and walking, to save endurance and leg strength. Alternating between running at walking at an even pace allows me to build mileage and go for greater lengths of times.

Today I worked on a type 1 run. Last week I was able to reach 5 miles in a row and this week I made it to 6! I can run over half a mile now without stopping :)

The mile breakdown:

Mile 1:

  • Laps 1-2 warm up walking
  • Laps 3-8 run
  • Lap 9 walk
Mile 2:
  • Lap 1 walk
  • Lap 2 run
  • Lap 3 walk
  • Lap 4 run
  • Laps 5-6 walk
  • Lap 7 run
  • Lap 8-9 walk
I was afraid to overdo myself when my right shin started to really ache during the second mile. My goal today was to only run a mile so it was a good short run. I'd rather work up slowly than strain my knees and shins risking an injury that might prevent me from running in May all together.

- - -
On another note, I did laundry today for the first time using the laundry room in the dorm. And I realized that I need to try and be more aware and figure things out by myself before calling people. I walked into the laundry room today and put my clothes in the washer, flipped open the black thing on the top and was like" hmmm that looks weird, where do I put the detergent?" Before really taking the time to look closer I called my mom to ask if I just put the detergent in with the clothes (yes, don't make fun of me, I never do my own laundry when I'm home). When she informed me that there should be a slot on top to put the liquid I was like "oh yeah that thing I flipped up, I couldn't figure it out"....this is when I opened it up again to realize clear instructions underneath the lid as to wear to put the different types of liquids (detergent/softener/bleach).....enter feelings of stupidity and shame. I do this a lot, and not with just laundry problems (this is the reason I hate pumping gas).

Do you often overlook obvious instructions? Or do things that are embarrassing to admit to people?

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