Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Chaos

(Thanks to Beau for helping with this one)

Royal wedding coverage starts at 4am?! That's so early....but I'm semi tempted to get up and watch. I still think people are spending way too much time on all these royal wedding details, but I want to see Kate's dress, and admire some coverage of Harry :) It will be a historical moment I'm sure. Personally I won't want to be a royal, or marry someone from the family. Too much pressure, not enough fun.

This picture cracks me up

I haven't done anything today...I love being home! I slept in till 1:30 and watched more Army Wives. I'm so close to being all caught up. And balled my eyes out the last few episodes. Also, Chase is so hot! I don't know how I forgot Jeremy Davidson was so attractive. Now if it were to just warm up and become more summery. I'm ready for 70 + degree days here mother nature.

Are you gonna watch the royal wedding?

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