Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Chicken Tacos

Tonight I prepared my first recipe for my family (with a little help from my padre). I told my mom yesterday that she wasn't allowed in the kitchen while it was my meal night. You need to know one thing about that my house it's my mom's kitchen (or at least when she's in it). My mom tends to take charge of things, which can be a good quality at times (but others not so much). I've never had a whole lot of experience in the kitchen and my dad tends to be the one who shows me what to do without doing it himself (but my mom's good at teaching me many other things).

I had this plan to pick a new recipe each week to try starting when I came home, but this was my first one (better late than never). Initially I was looking for a shrimp taco recipe (which I found), but then I saw the title Crispy Margarita Chicken Tacos with Strawberry Avocado Salsa (say what?!) courtesy of Jessica's blog How Sweet It Is. I go on there often just to look and drool at the mouthwatering pictures of her many sweet treats, but hadn't really paid much attention to her other non-dessert recipes. The title was pretty much the perfect combination of flavors to suck me in, and I had a feeling my family would be all for it as well. I'll just tell you now that this is one of the best recipes ever. 
SO GOOD AND SO REFRESHING! I definitely ate way too much food tonight.

I started out last night (around 10:30) following the recipe by mixing the marinade and preparing the chicken into strips to soak overnight. Then around 5:30 tonight my dad and I began chopping, breading and making all sorts of messes in the kitchen. We used 4 pieces of chicken, which ended up making a lot of left overs for tomorrow, even between all four of my family members. We also ran into a problem when I noticed we had to place the strips of chicken on a wire rack on top of a baking sheet. Seems that the only wire rack my family owns is a small one that you prop up around a turkey or chicken. The racked worked fine, but it just meant splitting up the strips into four or so baking sessions. We even started eating before they were all done, but it was totally worth it. That chicken was amazing, especially topped with the strawberry avocado salsa!

This picture is actually from the How Sweet It Is page for this recipe (seeing as I totally forgot to take any pictures). Next time I promise to take some myself to share with you guys.

Overall a success and definitely a recommended recipe.

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