Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slacklining and Baking Parties

there was some of this....

 Gabby the slacklining pro. She can turn around, walk backwards and do all sorts of fun stuff. (The rope is kind of hard to see but if you look carefully it's the green line she's balancing on)

Typical Sam, getting pissed when I want to document our friendship....I should probably be more offended.

 I sit and watch them battle it out for the big ol' prize of nothing.

 Woa Gabby, careful there.


This is why we're all friends (because we make for such great pictures).

And then Gabby tried to describe with me what she was talking about with her leap frog idea.....
 Me: Uhhhhh...?


 When I saw this Sam explained that we were too boring and so she found something more interesting to take a picture of.....yes, apparently we weren't as compositionally intriguing as a tree.

 I whip my hair back and forth

 Checking out Gabby's new matte finish nail polish.

Then some baking happened....
The worst thing about cooking or baking is all the stuff you have to clean up after. I washed a few of the dirty dishes after we were done, but left all this fun for Friday :)

 We ended up making Monster cookies!!! I think they're my favorite cookies ever....dare I say more than chocolate chip.


They ended up a little over done for my taste. I prefer my cookies more chewy than crumbly.

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