Monday, May 23, 2011

A Bit of Complaining

I literally just googled "running god" to see if there was some sort of mythological god of running that I could pray to in hopes of getting me through this 10K a little better.

I'm just going to take this moment to complain, so I'm warning you this is just the mood I am now in and need to get this out of my system so I can go back to positively thinking about this race and getting myself back to the mindset of "I've got this!" This is just to let you know that if you don't care or are sick of hearing me complain about running, you can promptly leave this page now. I honestly don't mind and this is more for myself than for anyone else. Not to mention that this is by no means a reason to pity me, I've chose to run and put myself through this, and therefore take full responsibility for the pain I'm causing myself.

Whatever hopes I had after running last week's 4 miles with Sam was shattered today when I couldn't even make it hardly a mile (and that was mostly walking) before I wanted to turn around. When we started out my calves were so tight I could hardly walk, but I am thankful that I at least loosened those up a bit. Not to mention the fact that I now have another blister! WTF feet? Where did all my calluses go?

On top of which I have the ever so lovely pain in my right shin that will just not go away... I seriously just think it's going to stay with me forever. I will just have to live with running like a gimp for the rest of time.

Pain number 3....the mystery pain at the top of my left knee. Yup, I have found a new spot of pain in my leg. I honestly didn't think my body could hurt anywhere else. It's just been getting worse and worse since I've been doing Insanity, but I really don't want to stop until I get through the 60 days. I don't want to injure myself further, but I'm hoping it's just like a knot or something that won't end up sticking around.

Pain number 4... the usual hip and knee pain from years of over use and stress from dance.

And to wrap it up my allergies are the worst, and of course I ran out of Claritin so I'm in a haze of horribleness. My eyes itch, my nose itches and is runny, my head hurts, my throat know all the usual fun stuff.

Ok that pretty much ends my rant of complaining.

Oh, but just as a follow up my friend Gabby left to go back to Madison today and I don't know when I'll see her next :( Sometimes I don't like growing up.

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