Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Body Hurts

I think my body is in shock from Insanity tonight. I totally did not realize almost a week off from those workouts would be so bad (especially when I ran during that time).

Confession time: I totally cried during the middle of the workout tonight. Yup, you read that right....cried as in tears down my face. I think my body and mind were a little overwhelmed from all of today's ups and downs, and I needed to just get everything out. That's one reason why I love exercise so much, it's a great way to release all sorts of pent up emotions.

My car (the Junebug) got broken today while my brother was driving (I'm honestly thankful it wasn't me because I wouldn't have known what to do). The brakes are apparently stuck down, or something of that nature, so now my padre gets to fix it for me :) I'm just hoping my baby Junebug stays with me till the end of the summer.

Speaking of the car, I walked out this morning and it was covered in pollen. I hate this time of year. It's just to the point in the weather where I'd love to just go outside and lay in the sun and read, but every time I go outside my allergies go even more crazy. I guess it's best for me to just stay inside where the air conditioning is finally on in my house....hello nice cold air. Has anyone else been sneezing and itching and unable to talk normally lately due to allergies? I sure hope I'm not the only one going through this (although I have a sneaking suspicion plenty of people can relate with me).

Tomorrow (today already) is my padre's birthday! Can't wait to celebrate....especially with the bunt cake my mom always makes for his birthday. It's a chocolate pistachio cake which always smells, looks and tastes like heaven. I also took the time to bake more monster cookies today seeing as my dad's been begging for more and my mom happened to be kind enough to pick up more ingredients from the store. Yum....too many baked goods in kitchen (this is why I'm fat)!

Peace out till next time (and hopefully with a more interesting topic).


  1. I am sorry about the rough situation! After I got back into Insanity after my week off, I definitely had a really hard time getting through the workouts mentally. It's called a challenge for a reason! Hang in there!

  2. Thanks! Yeah it definitely is a physical and mental challenge, but I love feeling stronger every time I get done with a workout. Good luck with your last weeks of Insanity!