Friday, May 6, 2011

I love Adele

I love Adele. I love to eat and mildly dislike exercise...especially when I can't move the next day (even though I secretly love that feeling). And I love that she is so confident and really does not seem afraid to tell people like it is. I'd also rather have her make more AMAZING albums like 21 than work to fit into what other people are. I personally think she's gorgeous and love her style.

- - -
I exercised 3 times today! Between Insanity, a run with Sandy, and then dancing... OVERLOAD. Actually I'm not feeling too bad, it was a lot of fun. Those two Red Bulls I drank while busting it down and shaking my butt at Northern Lites tonight will probably have me up for another little bit, even though I half feel like I'm going to pass out while I type this. We went there tonight to support one of the guys I used to work with, Eric, who has been DJ-ing there (he was great!) I haven't danced like that in forever and it felt soooooooo good. I get too anxious to sit still when I go long periods of time without dancing. It's just something I feel like I HAVE to include in my life.

Tomorrow's plan is to get up and get job applications and clean my room...I those have been on the agenda all week and still haven't really gotten done (woops!) NO EXCUSES ANYMORE! Gah

This was definitely a good way to kick off the summer :)

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