Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Wednesday Already?

For real? did hump day come so soon? This Spring Break has gone by so fast!

I've been so bored the last few days, no one is home, Ari is sick, Sandy's been's good to be home (don't get me wrong) but I'd like it a bit better with a little more action.

I do have to let you in on the best part of my week :) I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! A shiny new 13 inch MacBook Pro. It's so pretty and new and so much nicer than my Gateway.....although figuring out the mac operating system was a bit of a challenge at first, I'm getting used to it. And the  trackpad(?!)....I mean I know I can change it, but I still get things messed up when I try to scroll with one finger and lets not even get into how long it took me to figure out that i had to use two fingers to right click. I finally got most of my music and documents on yesterday, which is good because the whole reason I had to have a new computer so fast was so I could get my school work done. I've been plugging away today trying to catch up with my online class.....stressed.
I am sad though about having to perfect my new iTunes library. My old one was so nice and organized and set up to perfection as I carefully worked my way though listening to every song (now I have to start all again!) Oh well, the world goes on.....I'm just a freak about my music (I have problems).

On a different, less exciting note, I went on the treadmill yesterday. I was on there for a little over half and hour and kept interchanging between running and walking. I really worked on keeping my walking  speed up in between my running spurts.....something I'm always failing at when I do run. I'm always really bad at working out when I come home too, I become a couch potato and spend my whole day watching old seasons of random TV shows. Over Christmas I watched lots of Dawson's Creek (childhood? you bet ya), and my brother started me on Doctor Who (which I'd been wanting to watch for a long time, but never found the time or knew where to start). PS I started with the 2005 series......and now I'm on season 4, and can I just put one thing out there......


He's just so perfect in this role :) I want to time travel in a wooden box with this man!

And I know what all my friends are we go again....Sarah and her guy craziness. Sadly it seems that no matter whether it's television, music, sports,'s always better when there's an attractive man I can crush on. I declare a new actor that I love almost every week :)

But really though, David Tennant's take on the role is perfect.

The past day or so I began re-watching Felicity.


So good....and relevant to my life at the moment. The 90's wardrobes are cracking me up.....oh childhood, and the fact that Felicity is basically Ben's stalker in the beginning (how did she get away with that?!). I just want my life to be a mixture of Felicity and Sex and the in NYC going to college, being torn between different guys, amazing fashion.....all that good stuff. If only life were like a TV drama.
The way Felicity over analyzes Ben's every move is just like me.....and probably every other girl on the planet (what's our problems?). But sometimes I cringe watching this show.....when she does stuff, on occasion I just want to scream...."run away", "don't just stand there and stare!", and "seriously girl, stop your" Felicity seems to have a knack for telling people things most normal people in real life situations wouldn't actually say, even when they were thinking when she tells Ben she followed him there......seriously woman?

Does anyone else like re-watching old shows on their down time? And if you watched Felicity, what do you think of her character?

Well, I'm out, to go eat Qdoba with my family....Hope everyone else has a wonderful night.

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