Monday, March 21, 2011

Out Tonight....Rent

Saturday night I had the pleasure of witnessing Western's AMAZING theater program and it's production of Jonathan Larson's Rent!


I can't get over how good the musical was. I remember when the movie came out, and Sam and I went to go see it in theaters. I cried for the whole second half of the joke (I'm a crier). I love everything about this musical to the story, music, lyrics, message, and the tragic background story of the musical's making (look it really is a sad story). If you haven't ever heard of Rent, you really are missing out on a great piece of art.

Everyone in the cast was too good for words. I'd like to pick people out and say I liked Roger, or Maureen, but really each actor blew up the stage with his or her talent. I have to admit to a few I definitely cried during parts of this. I screamed a little when the girl playing Maureen held those notes during Over the Moon. And I may or may not have mouthed along to the majority of the songs by sheer habit because I listen to the original broadway soundtrack all the time :)

I love watching musicals live because there's a whole different element then when you're just listening to the music on cd or watching a movie version. The energy of the show and the emotion almost feels as if it's swirling around you, almost as if it's engulfing you. When I went to see Wicked in Chicago, I was so jolted by the energy it literally brought me to tears. There are points when I listen to the soundtrack even that my skin starts to tingle because the music is so moving. The same thing happened while watching Rent the other night. It's hard to explain. But it's almost like goose bumps, but it just feels like someone is moving their electrically charged hands all up and down your arms.

Maybe I'm weird, but does anyone else have this happen to them?

- - -
Story/confession time. I tripped on my over to the theater. Not in like a little slip or trip where you just kind of stumble, but an actual fall over on the ground kind of thing. One thing I have learned during my lifetime is that I may be graceful on the dance floor, but off of it, my legs may fail to work sometimes. This was the case on Friday when I was walking down some stairs over by the theater. My jeans were a little long and my already slippery shoes must have caught on the back, causing my foot to slip out from underneath me. My feet went sliding out, and I have no idea how this happened but I ended up on my side, down the 3 or so steps I had left with my face inches from the ground (luckily I'm a pro at catching my falls). As I looked over through the mess of hair covering my face, I notice the horrified looks on the faces of two mothers and their daughters and Corie looking as if she's trying hard to keep from laughing and an expression of "how the heck did you manage that." I probably would have busted out laughing more than I did if the mothers hadn't been looking on with such concern. I'm so used to falling it usually ends up just be a source of humor for myself. After reassuring the mothers I was perfectly fine, and the actual fall was pretty gentle I did start to notice a little pain in my knee. Apparently I have real problems with stairs.

So if you're ever walking around with me and I happen to fall on my butt or worse, don't be worried about laughing, most likely I'll be joining you. I'm clumsy, it's a fact of life :)

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