Monday, February 28, 2011

Phantom of the Opera goes West

This year Traverse City West Senior High is putting on the musical Phantom of the Opera, having performances for the next few weekends. I was hoping to go next Saturday with my friend Samantha, which I'm still hoping to do, but Saturday night I was able to go last minute. I got a call from my neighbor and long time friend Lizzie on Saturday night telling me she and her mom were going to Phantom that night and had an extra ticket, wondering if I would like to go. Of course I said yes, jumping for the chance to see what the guys and gals at West had to offer this year. In years past I've always been blown away at the talent that hits the stage this time of year. For many years now I have known most of the cast, them being my brothers friends, or my own friends, or younger acquaintances from school. This year I hardly knew anyone! I felt so old going back to the high school, like it's been longer than almost 3 years now.

Anyway, all i can say is WOW! The cast did an amazing job and the voices were simply incredible. Everyone really worked hard to make this one of the best musicals West has done. And whoever put together the sets was a was incredible. My one and only complaint...the incredibly bright/blinding lights on stage at the beginning, they should have put something in front of them to tone them down a little bit. Other than that Congratulations to the whole cast and everyone go out and buy yourself some tickets.

Granted I would have probably liked it better if sexy Gerard Butler were to reprise his role as Phantom.

Which by the way......I was always team Phantom. Raoul is a dumb, and he can't even save Christine without getting himself trapped by the Phantom (lame), not to mention that he can't write music at all (talentless I tell you!) Plus the Phantom's got that whole mysterious thing working for him. I would totally follow him into the mirror.

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