Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Goals

Last weeks goals went surprisingly well and I was able to cross off the majority of the items. I might start making goal list weekly now just because the blog tends to hold me more accountable that I do myself.

Last weeks goals

  • Do all my textbook readings (art history/child psychology/RBC/Human Sexuality)....I half finished this
  • Read more of "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" for fun....of course this wasn't hard to cross off
  • Visit the art counselor to discuss my minor requirements....CHECK!
  • Sign up for fall classes....ANOTHER CHECK :) 2 art classes, 2 psych classes, another gen-ed and maybe a soc class (?).....that puts me at 18 credits!
  • Go to at least one aerobics class....I tried but this one just didn't work with my schedule last week (I haven't been to yoga in weeks and I'm dying to hit it up this week, no excuses)
  • Get in 5 + days of workout....SO EXCITED that I actually did this one, just proves that I want this change and I'm dedicated to making my life a better one (can't wait to fit into the other half of my wardrobe again lol)
  • Go to Meijer for groceries.....hummus, cereal, milk, yogurt, berries, carrots, an overall good trip if you ask me
  • Do laundry....much needed task that I was lucky enough to fit into the schedule this week. I'm so thankful my aunt lets me do my laundry there so I don't have to pay $2.00 a load at school!
  • Figure out my printer....done, and my parents already sent me more ink (now I'll be worry free about that for the rest of the year)
  • Finish catching up with my online class as well as finishing this weeks discussion.....not quite caught up but at least I didn't get even more behind
  • Run a total of 4-5 miles (excluding laps I may walk in between)....more like 2 miles

The majority of my goals this week are similarly school and exercise related so I'm gonna save making an actual list for a week that involves more planning. Hopefully I won't let anything slip by.

I have always loved making lists. When I was younger my cousin and I used to make lists of our daily schedules together. We would write stuff like
wake up-9:00
get out of bed, eat breakfast, take a shower were all included with a certain time frame
even details such as put on make up, deodorant, and lotion.....apparently we thought we'd forget if we didn't write it out?

We'd also make lists of funny things, or inside jokes....usually late at night. It's one of our favorite past times together. 

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  1. i LOVE your list post :) i totally did the 'write out daily schedule in detail' thing when i was young, too. ha!!