Thursday, August 1, 2013

My New Do

I'm super excited to reveal my new hair cut to you guys. I went to Pavlova salon this morning with an idea for a shorter look and put my trust in my hairdresser, Sara, as to what would look great in the end. Sara did an amazing job and did not let me down (she never does)! Since I have pretty really think hair, she suggested I go for something like Frankie Sandford's (from The Saturdays) look. I had never really seen Frankie's hair before, but I immediately agreed when she found a picture to show me.

Frankie Sandford

I was so ready for a fresh start and a completely new look. I have never gone this short before and was just ready for something different. The style is also pretty unique, with more of an artsy asymmetrical flair to it, which I loved.

I forgot to take a pre-cut selfie this morning so this is about the most recent picture really showing off the before length.

And here's the after...

I can't wait to play around with it some more and see all the different ways I can style it. Plus for those of you who watch Doctor Who I feel a little bit like Eleven. I should be rocking a bow tie and a fez right now. Geronimo!



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