Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Post Workout Cider Tasting

I had the pleasure of catch up with my amazing fake sister/chummy, Sandy, tonight for a cardio dance class at Yen. Sandy has been busy running around wedding planning, putting family first, and rocking at her job so much that I haven't been able to see her for weeks. I've been begging her to take a class with me and was super excited she had time in her schedule (even though I completely understand when she is being busy).

Since I still have quite a few classes to use up, I feel like I've been going to Yen a ton lately (even though I really haven't been). Tonight we took a Cardio Trio class which was new for both of us. Going in I was confident knowing that my dance background would be helpful and I could manage even though I was pretty sore from last nights class. The real shock was my sudden total lack of coordination, I guess those 16 years of dance weren't so helpful after all. I think I need to take next week's class just to redeem myself. Despite all the slip ups on my part the class was still fun; Sandy and I both loved it.

After class we jumped over to Northern Naturals, a Cider and Wine company, just right down the street from Yen. We sat at one of the tables outside, which was perfect since it had cooled off a bit from earlier. Sandy even convinced two groups of passersby to stop in as well... they were easily persuaded. I'd definitely recommend the restaurant/tasting room for anyone in TC; the food and drinks are all natural and locally sourced, plus the atmosphere is super friendly. Sandy and I both got the Veggie flatbreads (yum artichokes) and a cider flight. Nothing like an impromptu after workout dinner and cider tasting.

Overall it was a fun night and I can't wait until next time!


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