Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The New Doctor

This post is going to be about Doctor Who. If you've never heard of the show, it is a British science fiction TV series that was created in the 60's and was brought back in 2005 after the original ended in 1989. The show centers around a time traveling man who's known as the Doctor and his ever changing companions. There have been 11 incarnations of the Doctor so far, the 12th having just been announced on Sunday... and that's where this post really begins.

Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor)

If you haven't already heard, Peter Capaldi is set to take over the role of the Doctor at the end of this year. According to a BBC News article, Capaldi, 55, will be the oldest Doctor since William Hartnell (the original Doctor), who was the same age. His age seems to be a big contrasting factor between him and Matt Smith, who played the 11th Doctor. Smith was just 26 (I think) when he first took the role and the youngest person to play the Doctor to date.

Peter Capaldi

I began watching the show, starting from the 2005 episodes, back in 2010 right after Matt Smith took over for David Tennant. Each actor brings his own personality and differences to the Doctor, I think it's hard to pick an actor I love the best in the role. When I was watching David Tennant I thought there was no way I had like this new guy I'd never even heard of. I could not see how anyone could top my love for David Tennant in this role; his slightly crazy, energetic, heart felt way of playing the character in combination with the length of time he spent on the show, really made him a memorable part of Doctor Who. Despite all of these thoughts, all of my concerns went out the window during the first episodes with Matt Smith. Smith brought something new, young, and hip to the Doctor; he suddenly seemed like a teddy bear in that cute and cuddly way that brings you comfort and familiarity. There was no awkward transition period between the two actors, just a seamless jump from one personality to the other.

There are going to be tears.

I think Matt Smith felt like more of a character I would have as a friend than previous Doctors, who I would identify as family/parental type friends. I think this allowed for a greater connection with the show than I had previously felt. I'm not trying to say that Capaldi's age will greatly effect my affection for the show or for the character of the Doctor, that is doubtful, but I think it will effect the way I identify with the show. Overall though, no one should be focusing on how old he is or what Peter looks like, it all depends on his ability and love of the character.

If there's anything to learn from previous transitions, it is to keep an open mind. There is a reason these actors were chosen to play the Doctor and the writers and casting directors have done a great job so far. Plus, there's always room in our hearts for more wonderful characters. I will be very sad to see Matt Smith leave Doctor Who, but I can't wait to see what Peter Capaldi brings to the role!

Do you watch Doctor Who? What do you think of the announcement?


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