Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites

The beginning of the week brought a great post from The Clothes Horse about receiving attention vs. seeking attention.

And some practical ways to de-stress via Girl Meets Life.

Here's some health benefits of drinking tea. I love tea.

This pretty awesome Workout/Drinking game for "Breaking Bad." I can't wait to catch up now (I'm still back in season 4).

A trailer for Vlogumentary from Corey Vidal and Shay Carl about vlogging and how Youtube has changed a bunch of people's lives. It definitely made me cry.

Check out these 23 Awesomely Weird College Classes To Enroll In Immediately. I wish they had offered Elvish, Xtreme Lit, The Meaning of Life, Introductions to Wine, Kitchen Chemistry, and Underwater Basket Weaving at Western. They sound pretty amazing.

This music video from Chameleon Circuit for Teenage Rebel is super creative and THEY FILMED ON THE TARDIS!

Lastly learn how The O.C. ruined my life. This was way too accurate, I agreed whole heartedly with everything on the list. Plus I want to watch The O.C. now.


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