Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Let Other People Put Waves In Your Pond

I went to yoga today and was quite surprised when I was the only person in the studio until five minutes before class started. Usually there's at least three people in the studio before I even get there. The woman I talked to said the class was typically full so I have no idea where everyone was today, but we only ended up with three people (including me).

I'm not exactly the most confident when it comes to yoga classes, especially because I swear half the time I get so focused I miss cues (or I simply can't hear them). When I realized there would only be two other people in the studio with me I was really nervous. Luckily the instructor for the Rock Your Asana class, Liz, is great at reinforcing positive energy and making everyone feel comfortable in class. I usually end up laughing and smiling more in that class than anything else... except for sweating of course.

There's usually some type of lesson or phrase that Liz will talk about at the beginning of class, continually mention throughout the exercise. Now, like I mentioned before, I'm usually so zoned in on my body and reminding myself to breathe that I miss things sometimes. Today's lesson (I believe) was something about a bunch of trees and a lake, and not letting little things upset or annoy you. This was exactly what I've been trying to do lately, in fact Sandy and I talked about it on Tuesday night after taking Cardio Trio.

In the last few months I've let everything effect me. I've wasted so much energy being angry and annoyed about little things people have done. I was letting other people make waves in my pond.

There will be the occasional ripple, but it's much easier to let the small things go. Decide what problems are worth your time and energy and which ones aren't actual problems. My high school AP Psychology teacher once told us to, "Put it in a bubble and blow it away." That has been the best advice when it comes to stressful or irritating situations.

Anyway, after yoga I felt amazing. I knew I had worked hard during class and even my teacher told me "great job" when she passed me after class. I'm pretty sure I smiled the whole way home.



  1. Sarah, I couldn't agree more and recently shared the same thought but your title really says it all. :)

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I don't think I make sense at all, so I'm glad to hear someone understands what I'm trying to say. I love your blog by the way, can't wait to hear about your RV adventures.