Monday, August 19, 2013

Pretty Sure I Broke My Muscles

I took the yoga sculpt class tonight at Yen for the first time. It's taught by the same person who teaches the Rock Your Asana class I usually take so I knew it would be challenging, but good god. Walking home was a mess; my muscles would not stop shaking. I got my water bottle out at one point to take a drink and my arm felt weak just trying to hold the bottle. My legs felt like jello and I felt like I could hardly stand up, let alone walk. When I got home my dad asked how I was and I said, "hurting." I also told him I didn't understand why my legs were this bad because I didn't remember doing that much for class. Later in the shower I realized the class must have traumatized me than I thought because I finally remembered we did a bunch of ballet squats and crunches while squeezing a ball between our legs. Yup that would definitely be the reason my legs hurt.

Despite the all over pain I feel slowly subsiding, I thrive on the feeling of post workout soreness. Being sore is a reward, letting you know you worked hard and that you didn't waste your time. I certainly didn't do all the crunches or all the arm movements (seriously I have the weakest arms), but I know from this feeling that I still pushed myself. I also love working out at Yen for the post workout piece of Dove chocolate. They have a bowl of chocolate by the door and I never forget to grab one.

Do you like being sore? What's the hardest workout you've done in the past month?


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