Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Today was a beautiful day in northern Michigan. I spent most of the day with my friend Samantha, who is back in town from Atlanta. We started by getting ice cream at Moomers in Traverse City, which is always delicious. Then we headed out to the Sleeping Bear Dunes. I haven't been out to the dunes all summer and the ride was definitely worth it (even better in the Mustang with the top down.)

View from the top (well sort of the top)

I have no idea why the bottom half of this picture is so blurry. Something funky is happening for sure.

I have a habit of taking pictures of shadows now.

We took the scenic route around to the different lookout points. Seriously the weather was perfect and riding through the woods with the top down could not have made for a better day.

Just look how blue that water is.

Fail number 2 with the still blurry picture.

After our adventure around the dunes, we stopped at Good Harbor's tasting room. Wine distracts even the greatest of adventurers :) We also saw an awesome turtle waiting for us outside.

He was big and moving at what seemed to be top turtle speed.

The day's fun concluded with a dinner at Sam's grandma's and a cold ride home in the dark. Overall, today was a perfect way to spend the day in northern Michigan. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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