Monday, July 29, 2013

Grilled Cheese and Birthday Celebrations

Today I got to see a close friend that I haven't seen since graduation in April. Nicole and I met when we lived in the dorms my first year at Western. Over the past 3 years we've done a lot together and I miss having her around to go see movies, make Meijer runs, always make me laugh, and provide me with chocolate bars. It was really great to see her and bf, Brandon (affectionately nicknamed the creeper). Plus it gave me a good excuse to get lunch at The Grand Traverse Pie Company... it had just been too long. When Nicole first suggested they might come over and see me on their way back to Kalamazoo (they were camping in Oscoda), I got a little scared I wouldn't find any place suitable for Nicole's picky eating habits. Then I realized The Pie Co. would have grilled cheese; Nicole pretty much lived off of grilled cheese our first year at Western. She's the pickiest eater I know and it never ceases to amaze me the effort she goes through to avoid anything that might actually be good for her. Being around her is always interesting and entertaining.

Today was also my brother's 27th birthday. This year he requested we go to Short's Brewing Company in Bellaire for dinner and drinks. I had never been to their restaurant, only to their actual brewery, and was excited to finally see it for myself. The place was cool, really laid back and crowded with families. I wanted to try just about everything on their menu, all of it sounded amazing. In the end, I decided to split a pizza with some other people in the group, and my dad and I shared a flight of beer. We were able to choose five different beers to try out, but I'm pretty sure the Strawberry Shortcake beer was my favorite... yum. I love my family and am so blessed to be close to them. They're also a great source of humor; I'm surprised no one peed themselves from laughing tonight.

Happy Birthday Taylor!

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