Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthday Buddies

This may be a little late in the day, with less than an hour left, but today is one of my best friends and birthday buddy's 23rd birthday. My birthday is tomorrow and it's weird not having her around to celebrate. Last year Sam came down to stay with me in Kalamazoo for a few days and we made delicious birthday cake pancakes and Liberty (Cherry Republic's Cherry Sparkling Wine) mimosas. It was one of the best birthday breakfasts I've ever had.


This was while wine tasting this last spring.

So glad Sam has her dream job, but I miss her dearly. Especially when my parents, grandparents and I all went out for dinner tonight so I could get sushi. There's a restaurant in town that does half off sushi on Tuesday night, so for my bday dinner I requested that option. Man, was it good and so filling tonight. I was stuffed afterwards. Normally I have no problem finishing a whole roll by myself.

Tomorrow should be a pretty relaxing day. I don't have a lot planned other than going to the Wednesday Classic at the State Theater in the morning and birthday cake with the family tomorrow night. Still can't believe I'm going to be 23... when did I get to be an adult?



  1. Aww... I'm just seeing this now. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO US!!!!

    Let's not spend them apart again, kay? Kay.