Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today's Bike Ride

I went on my first ever solo bike ride over 5 miles, which seems silly that it's taken me this long. I don't know why I haven't gone on long rides alone before. Probably because I usually just wait until someone wants to go with me, but I was kind of proud of myself for going it alone.

Got my two water bottles and my granola bar and I'm ready to go.

I ended up going all the way to Suttons Bay and back, which ends up being 32 miles total. 

Boy was it a beautiful day for a bike ride!

The weather was really nice and the wind died down later on. I absolutely love riding this trail and would recommend it to anyone. The scenery is gorgeous any time of year. I always feel so lucky to live in such a wonderful place. One of these days I'll have to stop more along the way to really show you guys what I mean.

Me and the cat after the returning home. He looks so thrilled....

My legs were killing me after all of that, it's crazy to think I rode twice that for 4 days straight last summer. I definitely need to get out on the trails more.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


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