Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August's Resolutions

Get a job - I was trying, but then I got so discouraged I sort of gave up during most of July. I was so down about not having a job that I stopped trying all together. The pity party is now over and it's time to get back to business. My number one priority for this month is to get a job... any job.

Get back into yoga - I'm going to try to take at least one class a week for the month of August. I have classes to use up and it's about time I get back into the studio. Plus I just miss actually doing yoga with other people. I practice at home from time to time, but being in a class and having someone lead you can be a lot more relaxing... or challenging depending on the class.

Make one piece of art per week - I do not make enough art. Whether it's a drawing or a painting or some sort of collage, I will attempt to make one piece per week. The only way to get better at something is to practice.

Finish all three books I am currently reading - I started three different books near the end of July and haven't gotten very far into any one of them yet. The Ocean at The End of The Lane and The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy are both shorter books and I expect it won't take me long to finish either stories. My third book is Angels and Demons, which is 569 pages long and will probably take me a good while to finish.

Meditate for 5 minutes every day - One of my goals a while back was to meditate a little bit each day. I even have an alert set for it on my computer that I am constantly ignoring. I thought 5 minutes would be a good time to begin.

Volunteer somewhere - I never volunteer to do anything and I'd really love to change that. I might try to volunteer one of the days at The State Theater since I absolutely love it there.

Hopefully I can manage all of these resolutions this month. Looking at the list now, there seems to be a lot to do. Just giving myself a reason to get off the couch and keep moving forward.

Do you make monthly resolutions? What would you like to change this month?



  1. good luck on finding a job! i was trying to find one too, but then i'm hesitant because I also want to focus on school... it's tough to find a balance to things, i don't know how other people do it!

    MI Vivere

    1. Thanks! I don't know how other people do it either. Good luck if you decide to try and get one!